Today's Opinions

  • Council trying to take away citizens' right to vote

    To the Editor:

    The proposal by the Chester County Council to change the county form of government is a direct insult to the intelligence of the voters.

    We are not the ignorant basket of deplorables the local Hillirites think we are.

    If we are intelligent enough to vote for our council members, we the people are smart enough to vote for our other local officials.

  • Tucker and Gracie's Excellent Adventure...Georgetown

    It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    As I’ve endeavored to walk my dogs in all 46 South Carolina counties, the experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve encountered nice people and seen some corners of the Palmetto State that had previously been foreign to us. I’ve known from the get-go, however, that we’d eventually hit turbulence. If you do anything 46 times, you are likely going to have at least a few stinkers in the mix. Stinker is an excellent description of our trip to Georgetown.

  • Against school uniforms

    I feel that the students at Great Falls Middle should not be forced to wear uniforms to school when the elementary and high school students aren’t  

    required to do the same. I have spoken to several students and parents and  

    they don’t think it’s fair.

    Some parents say it’s easier to have uniforms than regular clothes  

    because they don’t have to fight with the children about what to wear. Well  

    the question here is who is the child and who is the adult? Pick out the  

  • Opposes granite mine

    I am writing to urge Chester County residents to provide public comments to S.C. DHEC on a mining permit application by Virginia-based Luck Stone Corporation to mine granite at a nearly 300-acre site located on S.C. Highway 9, less than four miles northeast of Chester. The site is directly across Highway 9 from the Orrs Baptist Church to the South, less than 0.5 miles from the Craigbrow Community to the north, and approximately 0.8 miles northeast of the Chester Park Complex of School, the Chester Middle School and the campus of York Tech Chester.

  • Mining would cause silica dust near schools

    To the Editor:

    In early May, a representative of the Virginia-based Luck Companies asked to meet with me about a project they were pursuing in Chester County. I invited him to my home where, over the course of about two hours, he explained the companies' ownership, core values, locations of other projects and finally, their interest in a mining opportunity here. He was courteous, very professional, and the discussion was cordial.

  • Tucker and Gracie's Excellent Adventure...Oconee

    “Little-known fact,” I said, channeling Cliff Clavin for a second. “Western Union was actually founded right here in West Union.”

    “Really?” my mother-in-law asked.

    “No. I completely made that up. There’s no way that’s actually true.”

  • Bro, do you even Southern?

    I had a weird dream the other day and I’d like to share it with my faithful readers.

    (Cue dream music as the screen dissolves)

    I dreamt I was on the witness stand in a courtroom somewhere beyond the universe. The case was whether my Southern Card was going to be taken away. The prosecuting attorney was someone who looked like Hamilton Burger, the DA from the old Perry Mason TV show. My defense attorney was Matlock.

    Burger (DA): Mr. Garner, you claim to be a Southern boy?

    Defendant (Me): That's right.

  • Tucker and Gracie's Excellent Adventure...Fairfield

    In almost  every sense, Fairfield County presents a study in contrasts. Sometimes maddening, occasionally jarring, often hilarious contrasts.