Today's Opinions

  • Attaboys and brickbats

    Here at The News & Reporter, we strive to be even handed with the attaboys that we give and the brickbats that we throw. Such is the case with the Chester County School Board, a body that we have applauded in these pages before for their strict adherence to the S.C. Freedom of Information Act and their commitment to transparency.

    But a recent issue with the school board demonstrates that even public bodies careful about adhering to the S.C. FOIA can make a misstep, if they don't pay continual attention to the regulations.

  • Free speech

    Just because things are inherently good doesn’t mean that they are perfect. Two people can love each other with all their hearts, but they will still argue, still say the wrong thing at the wrong time and generally get on one another’s nerves occasionally. Love is one of the best of things, but it can be messy from time-to-time.

  • A round of applause

    We frequently use this space to talk about the Freedom of Information Act, especially when local bodies fail to abide by the law that reinforces the public’s right to know. It only seems fair then that when elected officials go out of their way to make sure the letter of the FOIA is followed, we acknowledge and applaud their efforts.

  • What we can afford
  • More Sunshine

    Last week we had an annual observance of open government and the people's right to know what their elected leaders are doing on their behalf in South Carolina known as “Sunshine Week.” It is so called because we all want and deserve to have public business done in public, out in the sunshine for all to see. Unfortunately, at least one local government has made an active effort to draw the shades closed and wall itself off from the warm glow of sunshine and public scrutiny.

  • Rules and consistency

    We don’t expect elected officials to be perfect. Like the people they represent, office holders are human, they are fallible and they make mistakes. What we do expect of them is consistency and adherence to rules…two tenants that have been lacking in the City of Chester’s search for a new administrator.

  • Fuzzy memories

    In the course of normal day-to-day life, things can almost become a blur. If you travel as part of your job, you may not remember what city you were in three Thursdays ago.

    If you frequently deal with the public as part of your profession, it’s doubtful you remember exactly who you talked to or sold something to on Nov. 9, 2012, off the top of your head.

  • Yes*

    When it comes to personal finances, we all have to strike the best balance we can between saving and planning for the future while also addressing our pressing, immediate needs. With this Tuesday’s bond referendum, the Chester County School District is doing the same thing.