Today's Opinions

  • GUEST EDITORIAL: Voters don't pick politicians...by State Sen. Mike Fanning

    “In S.C., the voters don’t pick the politicians. In S.C., the politicians pick their voters!” Did you know that... 

  • Private becomes public

    In many ways, people’s entire lives are now on their private cell phones. The numbers of friends, family and business associates, private conversations, pictures and videos are all stored on the devices. No one wants someone they don’t know rifling through very private and sensitive information. For that reasons, we are fully in favor of two recent moves made by county municipalities.

  • Off time

    Sometime this month, we should be able to learn the results of a salary study conducted for Chester County government, the first that’s been done in years. We’ve heard for some time that the county has a difficult time holding onto well-trained employees because of the rapid growth of better-paying private-sector jobs and this should indicate how far below the norm the compensation structure is for local public sector employees and what needs to be done to address it.

  • Being open

    It is front-page news in our paper today that the Chester Police Department will soon be getting a new home. Unfortunately, that is also news to anyone who has been in attendance at recent meetings of Chester City Council or watched them on television.

  • Crossing the line

    Things as arbitrary as lines on a road and “town limits” signs should not be enough to keep law enforcement officers from doing their jobs.

  • A compromise

    This is an odd thing to say this close to Election Day, when our country seems its most divided and least inclined to find common ground, but we were recently part of a compromise that we believe will be very beneficial.

  • Planning for growth

    There is an old adage that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. With that in mind, we are very encouraged by some actions we’ve seen taken recently by Chester County Council.

  • EDITORIAL: SERVE (with corrections noted)

    Editor’s Note: An incorrect version of this editorial ran in print in our Wednesday, Oct. 10 edition. This is the complete and corrected version that should have run.


    With midterm elections on the horizon, there is a lot of talk about people registering to vote and becoming more involved in the political process. Certainly that is important, but there is a way people can make an even greater impact and be even more involved in the process.