• Global warming is not man-made

    To the Editor:
    With summer heat to be soon amongst us, cries from the tree huggers, political fear mongers and those who tend to make a dollar charging thousands of dollars for speeches made to young know-nothings aided by a mainstream media eager for a story will go out. "Our civilization is doomed by global warming made by man."

  • Memorial Day on Hickory Lane

    To the Editor:
    I would like to write a letter for each of Chester County's war dead, all war dead, to honor them. Do that, so they won't become just another name on a monument in town, but I can't. I only know details of the life and death of two young men.
    It was Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, who said, "Only the dead have seen the end of war." This is the story of two of them.

  • The preacher and the politician

    To the Editor:
    On Oct. 22, 2013, I wrote a letter to the editor about a street preacher. I titled it "King and the King of Kings." This is part of that letter.
    Why would a Chester city councilman be harassing a street preacher? He says people are complaining. What people? What's their complaint? If this man is violating any law, shouldn't that be a matter for law enforcement?

  • March For Babies at Career Center

    To the Editor:
    The Chester County Career Center Champions held the sixth annual March For Babies on Friday, March 28. Participants of the walk, led by the JROTC Department of Chester High, walked around the Career Center and Chester High twice. We were then treated to refreshments prepared by the Culinary Arts Department of the Career Center.

  • "Battle of the egos"

    To the Editor:
    They are back! Our two schoolyard brats, after a short (too short!) news period, have again made the front page of The News & Reporter.
    An argument over FOIA requests by both of our brats is again making news. At least this phase of the "battle of the egos" has resulted in some information on just what this farce is costing.

  • Gateway wins Palmetto Partnership Award

    To the Editor:
    Good news for Chester County's citizens!
    The Gateway Conference Center was awarded the Palmetto Partnership Award, the state's highest award, by the S.C. Department of Commerce.
    This award recognizes models of how rural communities can accomplish projects through teamwork and partnerships.

  • Students deserve effective teachers

    To the Editor:
    I am a teacher in Chester with 10 years of experience teaching first and second graders. I have a Master's in education and have achieved National Board Certification.
    While that experience is valuable, I wouldn't expect anyone to look at that alone and assume I'm an effective teacher. I would expect them to watch me teach, observe the passion and creativity I bring to
    my classroom and look at the results my students are achieving.

  • Kitchen would benefit Chester

    To the editor,
    The Organic Helpers are currently trying to generate public interest in the City of Chester's community kitchen project. We have invited our mayor and City Administrator to speak directly with the public about updates and a timeline for the completion of Chester's very first community kitchen.
    We are very excited to have this project completed.

  • Cut back on imports

    To the Editor:
    These people in office have not done enough to get us jobs in Chester and the U.S.A. We need to vote all of these people out of office in November – mayor, city council, county manager, county council, senators, Congress and anyone else running for office the second time. We need new people in who care about all the people.

  • Small towns

    During my lifetime, I have often thought of the small towns all across our great nation that make our country so splendid. To bring things into more focus, I now shall give a good example of what I'm saying by using our beautiful town of Chester.