• LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Messer family grateful for support

    To the Editor:

    The family of CPL Charles E. "Charlie" Messer would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for all their thoughts, actions and prayers during this most difficult time for our family.

    We especially would like to thank the following for going above and beyond: Lancaster Funeral Home; the police and sheriff departments of Fort Lawn, Lancaster and Chester; the reporters who covered the life and death of Charlie in depth, giving family and friends keepsake articles; and Channel Nine News for airtime to share Charlie's story with their viewers.

  • GREAT FALLS LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Breed decides animal's fate

    To the Editor:

    This is a letter to the editor to let the people of Chester County know that to do a good deed is not always rewarded. At some point, it doesn't matter if it is the right thing to do.

    This letter is concerning the dogs that were attained at a local house in Great Falls after an alleged abuse to the animals was repeatedly reported by local neighbors. By attempting to help these animals since they have little to no rights, we have just signed their death warrants.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clinton too tied to special interests

    To the Editor:

    The nomination for the Democratic party is heating up and a concern that is not being fully discussed is special privilege and special interests.

    All the candidates speak of being opposed to special privilege and special interests, but Hillary and Bill Clinton's candidacy for the White House show signs of special privilege.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Ron Paul

    To the Editor:

    Seven years ago, I was told I had an enlarged heart and breast cancer.

    I read a Psalm that night and it said "Trust in me and I will heal your heart."

    Well, I said, that's it. I fasted on bread and water for three days and nights. I prayed. I had a choice to believe.

    When I returned to the heart doctor for further tests, he said, "Who said you have an enlarged heart? It is perfectly normal." After the nuclear stress test, they called and said my heart was great and was like a young and new one. Praise God. He is good.

  • LETTER: Two parties have a decent candidate for a change

    Maybe it's hope vs. faith. That's the impression left with me after watching the wins of Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee in the Iowa caucuses. Time will only tell.

    Here in South Carolina, there will almost certainly be another theme to the primary. Black versus white, rich versus poor, evangelicals versus secularists. All battles. Maybe this election won't be about a battle. Maybe it will be about a choice instead.

  • LETTER: Questions to help pick a candidate

    To the Editor:

    After watching the full four hours of the double-header debate on ABC, these are the questions that I would seriously like to ask the 10 candidates for president:

    Hillary Clinton -- How do you really expect us to believe that being married to a former president qualifies you for that office?

    Mike Huckabee -- If you were called to be a Southern Baptist pastor, why are you running for political office? And if you were not called, why were you a Southern Baptist pastor?

  • GREAT FALLS LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Empty Stocking organizer thanks donors

    To the Editor:

    Attached is a list of people we would like to thank for their donations to the Great Falls Empty Stocking Fund for 2007.

    Without their help, our project would not have been able to help 20 families. It is so hard to go through the applications and eliminate the ones giving false information or living out-of-town and using an address in town as if that is where they live. The committee worked hard to make the right choices.

  • LETTER: Elderly residents get 'Something To Love'

    About one and half months ago, I went to The News & Reporter with a plea to do a story on my Something To Love Project.

    I asked the Chester community to help me collect stuffed animals and dolls for all the Chester County elderly residents at Active Day Center, both Palmetto Villages, Chester Regional Nursing Center and one floor at Yorktowne Village in York. I needed at least 275 animals and dolls.

    Well, Chester County, once again you've proven your compassion. The third floor of my Linden Drive home, without exaggeration, is a complete zoo!

  • LETTER: Grieving mother reaches out to Messer family

    To the Editor:

    To the citizens of Chester and the Messer Family, my name is Lori Fairfax Tinsley, the mother of fallen soldier Spc. Logan "Doc T" Tinsley and Pfc. W. Ryan Tinsley, who has been proudly serving our nation with the 82nd Airborne in Iraq for six months.


    Community center thanks Fort Lawn for paving

    To the Editor:

    Fort Lawn Community Center thanks the Town of Fort Lawn for the recent paving of Center's parking lot. Pictured left to right are: Mayor Clif Ferguson, FLCC Director Cheryl Quinn,FLCC Board Chair and Town Councilman, John Rumford, Chief Richard Smith and FLCC Board Member Lorine Linder.


    Cheryl Quinn

    Executive Director

    Fort Lawn

    Doesn't trust climate change reporting

    To the Editor: