• TO THE EDITOR: Chester, don't forget your veterans

    To the Editor:

    It's got to be a typographical mistake, but it's not!

    I don't mean forgetting to send gifts or a much-needed letter to our troops overseas. I mean the ones who have given their all and who have survived, and those who are disabled veterans who live in the Chester area. Say it isn't so, but read on.

    The Disabled American Van Services (DAV) provide transportation to those veterans for doctor and hospital appointments, particularly in the Columbia area.


    Family grateful for help after house fire

    To the Editor:

    First, I apologize for being late in getting this letter of thanks to everyone.

    I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most grateful thanks to all the firemen, emergency personnel, American Red Cross, insurance agent and staff, Chester County School District staff and teachers, my work place, friends, neighbors and family for the love, help, concerns and prayers during the loss of our house and belongings in our house fire.

  • TO THE EDITOR: Remembers that 'Crack' Anderson well

    Dear Crack,

    As you stepped into that Other Realm, we knew it was a "good move", but we felt such loss!

    You were the finest Christian, husband, brother, father, relative, friend and mentor, loyal in all roles, especially as a Semper Fi Forever Marine and Ace Pilot!

    You're Missing In Action, and we're missing you. And we've got proof: a whole lot of your friends stood in line for hours at your "Visitation". They came from everywhere to pay respect to you and your family.

    All of this was difficult for us. We had NO WARNING that you were leaving us. What a shock!

  • TO THE EDITOR: Other paper wrong to link beating, championship

    Thank you so much for getting it right.

    My family and close friends were very disturbed about an article that appeared in The Herald about our beloved championship football team. The article was written by Andrew Dys and six of the article's first eight sentences reflected every bad 'boil' our community has experienced in the past weeks.

  • Church appreciates community turnout at barbecue

    To the Editor:

    On behalf of Bethel United Methodist church, we wish to thank the Chester Community for their support of our first annual BBQ Sale on Friday, Oct. 19th. It was a success and a sold-out event. Our cook, Buddy Grant, assures us we will cook more next year, so get ready.

    All proceeds from this sale benefited the Bethel Building Fund. We wish to thank all those who participated thus making this event a success for our church.

  • LETTER: Hopes Chester will remember 'Crack'

    To the Editor:

    Today, Chester lost one of the greatest men ever to call Chester home. Dr.Anderson (better known to all as Crack), was a first class man in all areas. If you had a pet that was near and dear to you, chances are Crack was the vet who took care of them. No matter what type animal, big or small, he always showed compassion to these animals as well as to those who loved them.

  • Great Falls Letters to the Editor

    Hopper family says thanks for support

    To the Editor:

    As you all know, on July 26, 2007, our world fell apart. Our beloved son, father, brother and grandson, Jerry Hopper, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Over the months we have gone through so much - emotions and life style changes. Our one constant has been our family and friends.

  • Thanksgiving/Christmas?

    By Jeanne James / Guest Column

    Floyd Webb (incognitosunglasses) has lived 67 years in the home in which he was reared. A life-long bachelor, his love of friendship and bluegrass music is widely known in Great Falls and Chester County.

    After his recent heart surgery, his playing field was greatly narrowed. Convales-cing is not and never was in his plan. He frequently shared with me his longing to be some where with friends and follow his favorite bluegrass band. Home bound and unable to drive causes him much frustration.

  • More animals, dolls needed for Something To Love

    To the Editor:

    The Something To Love Project is coming along very nicely, but I still need lots more, so I'm asking you to please dig a little deeper for those animals and dolls that are stored in attics and toy boxes that need to be cleaned out.

    I will be glad to clean and wash used ones. They are more than welcome.

    I'm so proud of what people have done so far. One lady came from Rock Hill with three big trash bags filled with the most beautiful animals.

  • GUEST COLUMN: Saw future drive by on electricity

    Hey y'all! The future is here, and it passed through Chester last Thursday. I saw it myself. I was backing out of my parking space at CVS, glanced in my side mirror and saw a Toyota Prius parked behind me. It had writing on it, and reading backwards in the mirror I could tell it said, "Plug In Hybrid" and "100+ mpg." I thought, "Wow! I gotta learn more about this!" So I waited for the driver to come out of the store. He was sandy-haired, mid 30's in a business suit and tie.