• LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No knee-jerk reaction to parking situation

    An open letter to City Council

    To the Editor:

  • GUEST COLUMN: Voters should not be misled

    I was outraged at the vicious media attack coming from syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell against Sen. Barack Obama run recently in a daily paper.

    Sowell has made several very damaging accusations into the character of this man that are totally misleading. He accuses Obama of being a phony and leading a double life by telling the American people one thing while secretly aligning himself with a racist minister.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will miss fellow Yankee columnist

    To the Editor:

    Thanks for letting all of us know about the circumstances of Mr. Neiblum's passing and for eulogizing him in print. When I moved to Chester County five years ago, I started reading The N&R right away -- reading the local paper is a great way to become familiar with the area and its residents.

    I knew there must be other New Yorkers living in Chester and its environs and was so pleased to see and read a column contributed by one.

    I will miss his reminiscences and easy style.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Group doing wonders for youth

    To the Editor:

    What a wonderful article on the front of The News & Reporter (Friday) about the RISE Group. There is a real need for men like Dedrick Harvin who will take an interest in young "Boys" and teach them what it takes to become a young "Man."

    So many of our young children today lack direction in their lives or what we used to call "Home Training" through no fault of their own but due to their circumstances.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No fear of animal farms

    To the Editor:

    I quickly looked for a definition of livestock when I saw for the second time a citizen stressed because of "livestock" in the City.

    "the horses, cattle, sheep, and other useful animals kept or raised on a farm or ranch."


  • GREAT FALLS LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Playground in need of repair

    To the Editor:

    I took my daughter to the park the other day to play. She had a wonderful time and enjoyed playing with a few other children who were there.

    She wanted to play with everything that was there; unfortunately, it had rained the day before and there were mud puddles everywhere. Some of the equipment was also broken.

    I remember playing at the park when I was little. At that time, the park was basically new, and that was 20 years ago. It seems that nothing has been done to maintain the park for this new generation of children.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Avid fan backs local softball teams

    To the Editor:

    We have three local teams in our area that we are really proud to have.

    The Chester Cyclones are the best team in the state. They bring alot of pitching with them. Taylor Roof has done a outstanding job since joining the Cyclone club. She has won so many awards. She has delicated herself to the game. Michelle McWaters is the best catcher in Chester. She is awesome. So many girls on this team are great.

    Don't you love to be a part of Chester?

    I have seen these girls come up through dixie girls softball to be where they are now.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ATL students impress tour group

    To the Editor:

    Our tour company, Group Travel, just had the privilege of carrying a group of students from The Academy for Teaching and Learning in Chester to Washington, D.C. for a full three-day educational tour.

    What an excellent group of students and educators. The group from the academy made an admirable representation for the City of Chester.

    It is unusual to get many comments back from our vendors for good groups, but we have heard from several vendors and from our staff about what a great group this was to travel with.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Traffic stop video causes concern

    To the Editor:

    "You better run n****r! 'cause I'm fixin' to kill ya!"

    These were not the words of a Klansman or a neo-nazi. This was not someones anecdotal recollection of something that happened on a dark road in 1957. This happened only four short years ago. These were the words of someone who took an oath to protect and serve, bookended by the overarching principle that people are innocent until proven guilty.

  • GREAT FALLS LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Squad rodeo termed a success

    To the Editor:

    I am very pleased to report that our first IPRA sanctioned professional rodeo was a success. The crowd on Saturday was much smaller than anticipated due to inclement weather, but the crowd on Friday night demonstrated that this rodeo will not be our last.

    If you enjoyed the show, please let us know. We would like to have as much feedback as possible. If you would like to be a sponsor for our next rodeo, please call us at 482-4315 or visit our website www.greatfallsrescue .com