• Supports school board's decision

    While the Sheriff discounts these security guards publicly, it should be noted that the guards will be retired military and law enforcement officers in good physical shape. They aren't newbies with only eight hours of training (as stated by one county deputy). So the Sheriff's effort to excite the public by lessening the security guards' abilities is without merit and biased.

  • Life, politics and breaking God's heart

    To the Editor:
    We are black or white, yellow, red or brown. Short or tall, fat or slim, male or female, transgender, gay or straight. Christian or Muslim, Buddhist, Athiest, Hindu or Jew. Law-abiding citizen or criminal, all of us, most times I believe, I know, we break God's heart.

  • Cancer walk thank yous

    To the Editor:
    Organizers of the 10th annual Cancer Walk-A-Thon at Chester High School would like to announce that donations received totaled $1,500.

  • Rubio for president

    To the Editor:
    The other night I had the pleasure of watching Fox News and the interview with Marco Rubio entering into the race for the presidency. He was magnificent with his patriotic spirit. As far as I'm concerned, Sen. Rubio far surpasses any other candidate I have heard so far.

  • Reader questions Baker columns

    To the Editor:
    I got my subscription copy of Friday's paper the other week (March 27) and started reading. The front page was great with some articles about different education topics, a local crime story and some local political stories – all about what I've come to know and love about my local paper.

  • Stuart speaks out

    To the Editor:
    During the last month of this campaign, it has been brought to my attention about so many negative and ugly gossips within the community about my person.
    I completely understand politics and agree you should be able to weather questions about yourself as a candidate. But when you make blanket statements as to who I may or may not be sleeping with, well, that becomes slander.

  • Roddey has done a lot for Chester

    To the Editor:
    I have known Carlisle Roddey for 50 years. He has always had my trust and support, whether serving as Chester County supervisor or just being a friend.

  • CHS football coach endorses Roddey

    To the Editor:
    It is exciting to be returning back home to Chester County as the coach of the Chester Cyclones football team for the 2015-2016 season. I especially look forward to building a strong program and continuing our winning tradition.
    As coach of the Cyclones before, I received a great deal of support from many individuals in Chester County, especially County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey. We had much success in building a successful program where we were 2007 Region 3-AAA champions and played in the state championship game.

  • Satisfied with Chester County

    To the Editor:
    Just wanted to let people know that before you ride out to other areas for service, check out what's happening in Chester.
    Don't miss out on the great service at our Walmart and the helpful staff at Tractor Supply, and not to mention our great choices at Bi-Lo and Food Lion.

  • Toys for tots says thanks

    To the Editor:
    Toys For Tots would like to thank the Lutz Foundation for their contribution to Toys For Tots 2015.

    Nicholas Bobersky
    Chester County Toys For Tots coordinator