• Zais is best choice

    To the Editor:
    I believe the needs of Chester’s students are best met when decisions are made by our district superintendent and local principals.That’s why I have been impressed with Dr. Mick Zais, candidate for state superintendent – a strong  advocate for local control.
    His opponent trumpets his service in Washington and has embraced more control of our schools from Washington. Our communities here in S.C. know how to best educate our children.  

  • Questions Mulvaney fund-raising

    This letter is in response to an article on the second-quarter finance reports of U.S. Congressman John Spratt and his challenger, S.C. Sen. Mick Mulvaney, as reported in The Lancaster News (July 23) and Carolina Gateway (July 28). The piece quoted several Mulvaney releases in which he painted himself as the favorite and the most supported by local residents.
    Neither paper, it appears, fact-checked his statements, though campaign finance reports are readily available from the Federal Election Commission at http://www.fec.gov/disclosure.shtml.

  • Writer supports Mulvaney

    I am writing you to ask one question. Do you like the direction our country is headed in right now? If you do, you should vote for Rep. John Spratt for the 5th Congressional District.
    If you do not like the direction of the country, your vote should go to Mick Mulvaney for the 5th Congressional District.  

  • S.C. needs John Spratt

    To the Editor:
    Who is the Republican running against Congressman Spratt this fall?
    I can't determine if the candidate is the new state senator from Lancaster County or someone from the national GOP.
    Mick Mulvaney pulls into the driveway of his home only hundreds of feet from his beloved N.C. in Lancaster County to sleep each evening. This he does after taking his children to private school in Charlotte and spending his work day there.

  • Spratt should be voted out

    I was amazed to read in last Wednesday's Item Congressman John Spratt's claim that he helped Shaw AFB survive base closings, not once but five times!
    Sounds as if he is playing politics yet again and trying to fool the people of the Fifth Congressional District into thinking a congressman could actually influence a non-political process.
    For those of you who don't know, the base closure process, known as BRAC, is specifically designed to keep politics out. For Congressman Spratt to claim he had an impact is, well, not the full truth.

  • Rangel should resign his post

    With the approval rating of Congress at a mere 16 percent, it is hard to believe the American public could be any more displeased with the legislative body.
    Nancy Pelosi promised that a Democrat majority would be the most “ethical and honest Congress in history." Their honesty was questioned when Pelosi forced the healthcare bill down our throats without giving anyone the chance to read it.

  • Dog fighting is barbaric

    Chester, the friendliest little town. Yes, it sure is friendly, that is true. Yes, its citizens attend church on Sunday mornings; however, Chester hides an ugly covert horror – dog fighting.
    When everyone is getting ready to go to church, the men and boys are gearing up to take their pit bulls to fight.
    You see, on Sunday these men know that people are at church and the screams of dogs in battle and in agony are not heard. Men have the dogs fight their own battles and gang turf wars – what cowards!

  • GUEST COLUMN: This resident, reader glad DUIs reported

    Our esteemed editor has written (in my opinion) an excellent editorial about DUI offenses and the position of the paper about publishing the public records of those offenses. He reveals that on some occasions he is pressured to avoid publishing the names of citizens that have found themselves unable to drive safely but were unwilling to take any corrective action other than try to get home.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Can't shop Chester because of hours

    To the Editor:

    To the business owners, I applaud your efforts to get more business and customers into downtown Chester. I hope your endeavors are successful.

    While I would like to shop in your stores, I am prevented from doing so by the hours your stores are open. I, like many of the local residents, work in Rock Hill and Charlotte. By the time traffic has been negotiated, I will return to Chester County about 6 p.m. If I decide to travel into Chester, few if any stores are open and are not open on the weekends.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Endorses his hero == his mom

    To the Editor:

    We all need a hero. Every one of us needs someone who embodies those qualities we wish we had, a selfless individual with a never-quit attitude. The hero sets the pace, and our intrinsic need to live up to the hero's pace drives us on to be better people. Although the hero moniker has been overused since Sept 11, 2001, I take this opportunity, on Mothers' Day, to talk to you about the real hero who wants to represent South Carolina's District 17 in the State Senate.