• Vote Mulvaney, bring Spratt home

    To the Editor:
    Congressman John Spratt is running a sleazy campaign. He has to because he cannot run on his record. His record is Pelosi's agenda.
    Mr. Spratt abandoned S.C. in favor of the Democratic party, even telling one constituent, "I cannot go against my party." Hint, John: We elected you to represent us here in S.C., not your party!

  • Help is available to those who stutter

    To the Editor:
    If speech therapy was good enough for King George VI, it’s good enough for us!
    With the release of the new movie "The King’s Speech," it’s a great time to highlight International Stuttering Awareness Day, Oct. 22, and let readers know that there are speech-language pathologists in your area who specialize in helping people who stutter.
    The nonprofit Stuttering Foundation provides a free list of local therapists for your readers at our Web site, www.stutteringhelp.org, or they may call 800-992-9392.

  • Price family asks for information

    To the Editor:
    Anyone who has information -- whether it was seen or unseen, big or small -- pertaining to the shooting the night of Sept. 19, 2010, please come forward and talk with the police or SLED.
    If you do not wish to talk in person, then please call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC or 1-888-274-6372. You can send an e-mail to sccrimestoppers.com or text TIPSC to CRIMES (274637).  A reward is offered for information that leads to the arrest of the right person(s) responsible for this crime.

  • Lando Days was successful

    To the Editor:
    We would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the fourth annual Lando Days in Lando on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010.
    It was a great success and we feel that a good time was had by all who attended.
    A special thanks goes to all of our sponsors, singers and numerous volunteers who helped in any way to make it a success.
    Hope to see you in 2011.

    Joe Polk
    Lando-Manetta Mills History Center board of directors

  • Family of Antonio Price speaks out

    To the Editor:
    On Monday, Sept. 20, 2010, we lost a son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, life mate, friend and father. One person held many titles that meant so much to all of his loved ones.
    We do not bear this loss alone, because this act of violence affected the community as a whole. We have a responsibility to our young men and women. These are our children.

  • Obamas should be mindful of spending

    To the Editor:
    When I did my research into Michelle Obama's trip to Spain, she had just returned and there was no evidence the Obama's had paid for or intended to pay for the trip. It’s now my belief that if it was not for all the flack by the media about this trip, saying “She was the next Marie Antoinette and completely out of touch with the woes of the American people and the economic situation," the trip wouldn’t have been paid for by the Obamas.

  • Spratt did not save Air Force base

    To the Editor:
    Congressman John Spratt (D-S.C. 5) has a television commercial in which he claims to have saved jobs here in District 5.
    Not surprisingly, Mr. Spratt also claims to have "saved" Shaw Air Force Base. It was the City of Sumter, however, that paid $6.2 million for land adjacent to Shaw Air Force Base and is considering an additional $3 million to limit home building near the base to ensure safety for residents.

  • Vote Mulvaney, Pratt on November 2

    To the Editor:
    I've been following, with more than a passing interest, the debate about John Spratt's "saving" of Shaw Air Force Base.
    I find it typical that a congressman would claim that "he saved Shaw" from closure during the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process despite that process being widely known as without political influence (see The Item, front page, Wednesday, Aug. 4).
    I also find it amusing that many in the Sumter community would so emotionally support that claim in subsequent letters to the editor.

  • More Democratic progressive liberal spin

    To the Editor:
    Once again we are presented with yet another misconception of the truth from Obama and his administration. John Morton, the head of I.C.E., and Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security head (both Obama appointees), have repeatedly stated that no other administration has ever arrested and deported more illegal workers than the current administration. Hogwash.

  • American Red Cross surpasses 2010 goal

    With all the bad things going on these days, it's nice to be able to say thank you to the citizens of Chester County for two major successes.
    The American Red Cross service center in Chester made 100 percent of its goal on blood this fiscal year, thanks to all of you. We also made our goal on our annual Heroes Campaign.
    These achievements, along with the wonderful support of the United Way and the Lutz Foundation, enable us to fulfill our mission in Chester County.