• Donations needed for annual toy giveaway

    To the Editor:
    The Chester Police Department is gearing up for "A Christmas Story" Drive for 2010 as its annual toy give-away.
    Applications will be accepted at the City of Chester Police Department, 100 West End St. on top of the hill from Nov. 16 until Dec. 6.
    Applicants, please keep in mind there will be no deliveries and all pick-ups will be at City Hall, 100 West End St. in Chester on Dec. 17.

  • Vote Republican in upcoming election

    To the Editor:
    Please stop and consider why you vote as you do. Do you vote Democrat because your parents and grandparents voted Democrat? Or because you feel the Democrats support the little man? Or because you have studied the candidates and believe in the policies they support?
    If you want more of your salary to go to the federal government in the future, then vote Democrat!

  • Writer questions article on candidate

    To the Editor:
    In last week's N&R you ran a front page article on a candidate for office. It ran as a regular news item written by one of your staff members.
    On reading this article, I was somewhat surprised since it was clearly a political advertisement for that candidate. Not only did it present the claimed qualifications of the candidate, but it also made several derogatory remarks about the opponent.
    It was not a letter to the editor, nor was it written or identified as an op/ed endorsement. Therefore it must be viewed as a campaign contribution.

  • Ballots contain choice for none of the above

    To the Editor:
    Well, it is nigh onto Election Day again and those of you who vote should be patted on the back. Those of you who don’t should quietly stand by and accept whatever is dished out to you by the elected politicians.
    I have already cast my vote by depositing it in a USPS receptacle because I often have to travel at last moment’s notice.
    While perusing my ballot this year I noticed something that I had never pondered before. There was a choice for each and every office that was not listed -- none of the above.

  • Library grateful for ghost walk participation

    This letter is a small token of thanks to the community and presenters at the first annual Chester County Library Ghost Walk and Talk Festival.
    Over the course of three days, we had a total attendance of over 175 people, fully a third of which came from as far away as Charleston and Spartanburg.

  • Spratt failed to write a budget

    To the Editor:
    A month ago, the federal government began the new fiscal year without a budget, an inkling or clue as to where our tax dollars are going to be spent.
    Anyone with the slightest knowledge of how Congress is supposed to work knows that the budget is the responsibility of the House of Representatives, specifically the chair of the Budget Committee. Guess who that person is?

  • Mulvaney cheated government on land deal

    To the Editor:
    No doubt you've seen the TV commercials about Sen. Mick Mulvaney's role in the Edenmoor development in Lancaster County – and his denials.
    I was the county council representative for the portion of Lancaster County that included Edenmoor at the time we approved issuing $30 million in bonds for Mick Mulvaney, and I would like to set the record straight about what happened and how we were duped.

  • Voter fraud, personal attacks increasing

    To the Editor:
    It seems the people in the liberal Democratic party will go to any extreme to further their "socialistic-like rule" of government in this country.
    When you look at the platform the majority of Democrats are running on, it consists mostly on "personal attacks" rather than on the issues at hand.  

  • Spratt lies in his ads

    To the Editor:
    Congressman John Spratt's campaign has stooped to new lows. Now he is running his campaign on blatant lies intentionally scaring senior citizens.
    His latest ad (DNCC funded) states Mr. Spratt's opponent, Mick Mulvaney, "voted to make Social Security illegal." Now that is simply a ridiculous statement. John must think the people of S.C. are ignorant and gullible. He is wrong.

  • Look at Spratt's actions, not words

    To the Editor:
    In recent weeks, Rep. John Spratt, like most liberal Democrats, has abandoned any hope of running for office on his record in Congress and has resorted to personal attacks on his opponent in an effort to divert attention away from the real issues and the failures of the government which he has helped lead.
    Spratt is a Washington establishment politician who has represented the S.C. 5th District since 1982. He has been chairman of the House Budget Committee since 2007.