• Tennis courts to be restored

    To the Editor:
    This letter is written to thank Mrs. Joan Guyton and the Herbert and Anna Lutz Foundation for the generous grant given to the City of Chester to restore the tennis courts at Wylie Park.
    This grant will make it possible for the Chester tennis team, of which I am a member, to play our matches at Wylie Park. Last year, we were forced to play all of our matches on the road since we did not have five courts which were playable.

  • Lewis Fire Tanker 621

    To the Editor:
    Over the past several years, Lewis Volunteer Fire Department has been building a new 3,000-gallon tanker to serve the Lewis area and fire suppression support for Chester County.
    The tanker is now in its final stage of completion. The Herbert and Anna Lutz Foundation announced this week that Lewis VFD will be receiving a grant to go toward the completion of this project.

  • Friends of the Animals helps whenever possible

    To the Editor:
    I started Chester Friends of the Animals nearly 17 years ago with the help of many other friends who have come and gone over the years but had a genuine interest in trying to put an end to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Chester County.
    Working with local veterinarians, they agreed to do spay or neuter procedures at a reduced cost to help reduce the number of animals being taken to our local shelter due to overpopulation and unwanted litters.

  • Common Core deception

    To the Editor:
    We have a deceptive anti-American organization here in the United States. It's name is
    Common Core, and it is focused on the corporate cronyism behind the education reform known as
    Common Core. “A Kim Koerber, who was a former marketing executive for textbook publishing
    giant, Pearson Education, and now works as a sales consultant for National Geographic – another
    Gates Foundation – funded Common Core publisher – tells the Project Veritas undercover

  • Common Core teaches basic skills

    To the Editor:
    As a minister and a concerned citizen, I feel compelled to respond to the Rev. Andrew Ranhosky's letter published on Feb. 24. His argument against the adoption of common core educational standards by the State of S.C. is taken nearly verbatim from a video made by Project Veritas, a far right wing propaganda organization which also brought us the Planned Parenthood videos. Those videos have since been proven to have been deliberately falsified.

  • Career Center instructor to take trip to Germany

    To the Editor:
    I would like to thank The News & Reporter and especially Brian Garner for writing the article about my upcoming trip to Germany this summer. I would also like to thank Tom Kellerhals of Chester for the recommendation that he provided me, which played a vital part in the decision for me being selected. Without the recommendation from Tom Kellerhals, the trip to Germany would not have been possible for me.

  • Niece saves toddler's life

    On the morning of Saturday, Sept. 6, my sister and I got a phone call from my nephew telling us that my great-nephew, 18-month-old Layton Lilly, wasn't breathing.

    He rushed him to the hospital while my niece performed CPR on him. She finally got him breathing again when they reached the hospital.

    I'm writing this to let her know how much her Uncle Pete loves her. Her name is Christy Doster, and thanks to her, little Layton is still with us. We love you Christy, from family, friends and everybody who knows Layton.

    Pete Ferrell

  • Sabotage from within

    After all that has been going on ever since President Obama took office in 2009, "We The People" have been taken advantage of by an administration that has only one idea in mind, and that is to rid America for what it stands for – TRUE FREEDOM!

    The evidence of what I have stated is in the huge amount of people who are running for the presidency from the GOP. These people actually know what's going on to destroy our nation. Never in the history of our great country have so many people run for the presidency in a single election process.

  • Roof issues apology

    To the Editor:
    Greetings from within the S.C. Department of Corrections! I know that may sound strange, but it's a reality that I have to live with for the next couple of years.
    Yes, I have made some bad choices and mistakes during my life that I am now paying my dues to society for; however, a part of rehabilitation is being able to recognize our mistakes and to be able to make better choices when we return to our towns and communities.

  • POW/MIA honored on his birthday

    Pfc. Cecil James "Jimmy" Clack, a 21-year-old draftee, was a soldier of Company E, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, stationed in South Vietnam. He is (or would have been) 68 years old this Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015. Fact is, no one really knows if he is still alive or dead.