• DSR Scholarship Foundation Golf

    To the Editor:

    The Derresha Shar'Daye Rhinehart Scholarship Foundation would like to thank everyone who helped make our first annual golf tournament a huge success on Friday, April 7.

    First place winners were Team WGCD – Earl Moore (captain), James Sanders, Wyatt Blackmon and Bill Gladden.

  • Dog death should be wake-up call

    It's hot outside—so hot that spending too much time in the sun is not just uncomfortable but also potentially deadly, as was evidently the case for a chained Great Falls pit bull that was left to bake in the heat with no access to shade or water. A concerned neighbor called the police to report the dog's suffering, but by then, it was too late – the dog had apparently strangled to death on his tether in a desperate attempt to reach shade. His owner has been charged with cruelty. 


  • Kudos to officers
  • Thanks for help with Wounded Warrior event

    It was quite a weekend. To those who helped plan and carry out the numerous tasks associated with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team banquet, thank you! Some thoughts:

  • Help support local dancers

    To the Editor:

    More than 200 people attended the African American Cultural Breakfast recently held in Chester. A highlight of the morning was a performance by teenaged dancers Jaila Young and Joseph Boyd. I'm a dance fan, and I can tell you that these two rivaled many professionals.

  • Why he won

    To the editor,


  • No wonder America is confused

    To the Editor:

    What has happened to America? Why are we in such confusion almost every second of each day? If you look at the situation as I do, I believe that you would be on the right road to understanding, yet you too must take a stand and try to help America return to what it was before President Obama took office.

  • Fanning will represent the people

    I am voting for Mike Fanning for State Senate next Tuesday, because I believe he is the best person to represent us in Columbia.
    I am so impressed by Mike's energy and enthusiasm for the job. I know him to be hard-working and dedicated to our Chester community.
    We need help in Chester County. We keep losing jobs. Our schools are struggling to keep up with the rest of the state. Our community is quickly becoming a place our children and our grandchildren can't choose to come back to and live.

  • A positive solution

    I'm tired of negative campaigning. That's why I'm voting for Mike Fanning to be our next senator in Tuesday's run off election.
    Mike has run a positive campaign unlike our current senator who should be ashamed of himself.
    Our senator spends more time criticizing Mike than he does telling us what he's going to do for our struggling community. We don't need someone in office who has that kind of time to waste.
    Mike Fanning is positive, he has energy, and he has shown his dedication to Chester County.

  • 18-0

    18 to 0 is not the score of latest sports blowout. Rather, it is the blowout gap in experience between State Senate candidates Coleman and Fanning.