• Don't waste tax dollars on 911 lawsuit

    To the Editor:
    This year's tax bill suggests that money is in short supply in Chester County. If it is, why are our elected officials threatening to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a legal battle over control of the 911 operation?
    Having never heard an explanation it could be assumed we have an ego and control issue 'twixt some reasonably well-paid folks, again with taxpayer money.

  • Sheriff replaces stolen bicycle

    To the Editor:
    Our grandson recently had his bicycle stolen that his parents saved up for all his hard work in school. There was no money for a replacement.
    There were not enough recent donations to get him another one. Sheriff Underwood went out and got him another bicycle just in time for Christmas. Thank you, Sheriff Underwood.

    The Polk family

  • Banning Jesus?

    It is without a doubt that Christianity is being pushed to the extent of no Christianity at all in our great nation. We have the ACLU, which is sponsored by George Soros, making every attempt to obliterate what our country was founded on, the love of God and the freedom that came forth.
    We also have the atheists who also hate all Christianity for what it stands for and they too will not stop under any circumstance to alienate our Lord from “We the People.”

  • Touched by kind gesture

    To the editor,
    During each Christmas season, with all the hustling and bustling to finish our holiday shopping, we often lose sight of why we celebrate the tradition. My wife and I had the privilege of meeting a kind and warmhearted soul that blessed us with a hearty dose of Christmas  
    cheer and spirit. While heading back from helping a young lady from car troubles, we headed home along the York Rd. and discovered what appeared to be another motorist in the roadway broken down. Twas not the case at all.  

  • Defining socialism

    Regarding Andrew Ranhosky’s frequent letters to the editor label President Obama as a non-caring socialist liar and con. (12/18/13 ).
         Socialism. The root word is social, pertaining to people in a given society being a member of that society.
         Socialism is a societal system organized around major industries owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies and wealth distribution is determined by the state or the collective.

  • The Great Pretender, again

    It is without a doubt that President Obama and his whole administration have been lying to the American people ever since taking office.
    Why didn't the Obama administration first consider getting the American people back to work, which would have been the most important priority of any past president. Instead, Obama signed into effect his healthcare package.

  • 911 battle needs to end

    To the Editor:
    Your editorial about the misguided accusation of an improper meeting was, in my opinion, a red herring designed to take the public's mind off the important aspect of this whole farce – that being our county supervisor, county council and county sheriff are engaging in a turf battle fueled by egos.

  • On Operation Christmas Child

    To the Editor:
    Thank you for your participation in Operation Christmas Child, a worldwide children's project of Samaritan's Purse that uses simple gift-filled shoe boxes to let boys and girls know they are loved and not forgotten.
    Thank you, News & Reporter, for publishing information and Relay Center hours about Operation Christmas Child. Thank you, First Baptist Church of Chester, for being the Relay Center for Chester County. Thank you to the staff and the Rev. Waldrip for all their help.

  • Toys for Tots says thanks

    To the Editor:
    Chester County Toys For Tots would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chester County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Underwood along with Let's Get It Ryders, Let's Get It Entertainment, Let's Get It Management, First Impressions, 3R of Lancaster, B&B and Woods Car Wash and all participants who came out on Saturday, Nov. 16, to support the 2013 Toys For Tots campaign.

  • Disgraceful action

    When the Gettysburg Address was recently read by President Obama, he completely disregarded “Under God.” This was stated by Matt Saver, the Founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel.