• Historical preservation is group effort

    Dear Editor,
    It was with interest that I read last Friday’s special report about the Chester County Historical Society. Let me emphatically state that I respect and admire the men and women who have selflessly given of their time, talent and resources by serving on the Society’s board or by volunteering for its projects. Their many substantial contributions have greatly enriched our community.

  • Thanks for help with kitchen

    I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard with me over the last two years to bring a food manufacturing facility to downtown Chester. Hours of meetings and planning plus winning a USDA grant to facilitate building the kitchen at the farmers market has been a wonderful growth experience for me.  

  • Neighbors look out for neighbors

    To the Editor:
    I want to take this opportunity to say it is great to live in Chester and have your neighbors call and check on you when we have bad weather, as we had last week.
    My neighbors Peggy and Milton Hamilton called to check on me and to take some mail to the post office. I was out in the back trying to clear a spot so I could take out my garbage when neighbors Geoff Dunn and Hugh Stone came with their big shovels and cleaned my walkway and deck in no time. They told me they already had cleaned my front steps.

  • Council members should be held accountable

    To the Editor:
    As a Chester resident for most of my life, I consider myself a cheerleader for Chester. Some of our greatest assets continue to be our giving and forgiving people who call Chester home.

  • The more things change...

    We need but watch and listen to the goings on at the federal, state and county levels to know that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The fighting at the federal level is over who shall be in charge of in the nation. The fighting at the state level is over who shall have control of voting and health issues. The fighting at the county level is over who shall be head law enforcement officer.

  • MLK Committee says thanks

    Friends and fellow citizens,
    We, the MLK Celebration Committee extend sincere appreciation to all who participated and helped in any way to celebrate and give thanks to God for Dr. King's dream. To all ministers, churches, businesses, clubs, organizations etc., thank you!

  • Dog reunited with owner

    To the Editor:
    On Jan. 1, my beloved dog wandered out of the yard while I was not watching. I had a small party of friends and family searching for her for hours, unsuccessfully.
    When she didn't return that night, I feared the worst. I imagined her freezing or suffering one of her seizures and I couldn't help her.

  • 911 case will have repercussions

    To the Editor:
    While I totally agree with your "Accept it" editorial and hope that Carlisle Roddey  and Alex Underwood accept Judge McMahan's ruling and let this equivalent to a playground spat go away, it really won't go away.
    This idiocy will have repercussions for awhile. Not only will our county be a laughing stock throughout the state, Chester County residents may also be harmed by unintended yet realistic harmful side effects. One example being industrial recruitment.

  • Thanks extended to EMS and hospital staff

    To the Editor:
    I am writing this letter on behalf of Edna Porter, Sandra Britton, Wanda Church, Debra Gregory and our extended family to share some of our story regarding the wonderful care that we received recently from Chester County EMS and Chester Regional Medical Center ICU.

  • Help needed to repair city tennis courts

    To the Editor:
    I am writing this letter asking for help to repair the city tennis courts. I love the game of tennis and would love to see some much-needed repairs.
    The city has a 3.5 men's tennis team that competes with teams out of York County. When those teams come to Chester, they really put down our courts. The courts are cracking, the lower courts are slippery and they all need resurfacing.