• Voting – the rarely used privilege

    To the Editor:
    I'm almost 63 years old and have voted maybe half a dozen times in my life. Why is that? My vote didn't count. I had to work that day. I forgot it was Election Day. I forgot to register. I have used all the excused you have used over the years. Why am I asking you to register and vote on June 10, 2014?

  • Who started it matters

    This is in response to the editorial letter dated March 20, 2014 entitled “No winners in confrontation.” I take issue with the statement “it does not really matter who started the problem …” This is not only misleading but socially, politically and legally incorrect.

  • Not what he seems

    What is left to say about our President, Barack Obama. We all know that he is not the President that many thought he would be.

  • Thanks Red Cross volunteers

    To The Editor:

    March is Red Cross Month and the American Red Cross of the Upper Palmetto Chapter would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers and supporters for enabling us to provide our vital services to our communities.

  • West Chester fundraiser a success

    To the Editor:
    The barbecue fundraiser held last Saturday by the West Chester Community Center was a complete sell-out and a resounding success.
    The fundraisers are for a new roof and improvements to the community center – for the community. Folks came out with full support and it is appreciated greatly. A big thank you to all who participated.

    Jim Carter

  • No winners in confrontation

    Nobody won with the confrontation between the firemen and the sheriff.    The people of Chester County made headlines once again that brings attention to how things are done in Chester County.
    Chester County is made up of wonderful caring people that work hard to move the county forward with a good place to live and raise a family with job opportunities.

  • Describing Chester politics

    This "damn yankee" has found many similarities between the north and south i.e; corn bread/johnny cake, supper/lunch/dinner,fatback/streak'o lean etc. We also had a name to describe the current political activities in Chester County, but I had to rely on the wisdom of a Chester native for a southern equivalent. He said it was called "Wetting the Ground".

    Ken Rowsam

  • Solution needed in wreck fight

    To the Editor:
    Just when you think it cannot get any worse, the movers and shakers in Chester strike again.
    While the 911 fiasco has moved off the local front pages, we now have this "wreck fight" to keep us feeling warm and fuzzy on these cold winter nights.
    Some people feel that any publicity, be it positive or negative, is really good, especially when you are a public official. I beg to differ. If Chester County was not the laughingstock of the upstate, these latest shenanigans definitely will assure us of that dubious honor.

  • What price for justice

    To the Editor:
    If someone were to violently take the life of a family member, a loved one, a child or just a close friend – if justice for the victim were for sale, how much would you pay to see to it that the punishment fit the crime?
    Strange question, I admit. Please, let me try to explain.

  • We don't need hate

    Things have changed in Chester. Some for the better, some for the worse. But still in times of hardships and