• Council trying to take away citizens' right to vote

    To the Editor:

    The proposal by the Chester County Council to change the county form of government is a direct insult to the intelligence of the voters.

    We are not the ignorant basket of deplorables the local Hillirites think we are.

    If we are intelligent enough to vote for our council members, we the people are smart enough to vote for our other local officials.

  • Chester should build on history

    Dear readers,

  • Get the facts on granite mine
  • Against school uniforms

    I feel that the students at Great Falls Middle should not be forced to wear uniforms to school when the elementary and high school students aren’t  

    required to do the same. I have spoken to several students and parents and  

    they don’t think it’s fair.

    Some parents say it’s easier to have uniforms than regular clothes  

    because they don’t have to fight with the children about what to wear. Well  

    the question here is who is the child and who is the adult? Pick out the  

  • Opposes granite mine

    I am writing to urge Chester County residents to provide public comments to S.C. DHEC on a mining permit application by Virginia-based Luck Stone Corporation to mine granite at a nearly 300-acre site located on S.C. Highway 9, less than four miles northeast of Chester. The site is directly across Highway 9 from the Orrs Baptist Church to the South, less than 0.5 miles from the Craigbrow Community to the north, and approximately 0.8 miles northeast of the Chester Park Complex of School, the Chester Middle School and the campus of York Tech Chester.

  • Mining would cause silica dust near schools

    To the Editor:

    In early May, a representative of the Virginia-based Luck Companies asked to meet with me about a project they were pursuing in Chester County. I invited him to my home where, over the course of about two hours, he explained the companies' ownership, core values, locations of other projects and finally, their interest in a mining opportunity here. He was courteous, very professional, and the discussion was cordial.

  • Ask questions on bond referendum

    Dear Editor:

    The Chester County School District (CCSD) is preparing a bond referendum to be presented to the voters in November.  The citizens of Chester County should pay attention and ask questions while this referendum is being developed.   Your newspaper and other news outlets have described what the CCSD has stated will be on the referendum.  We need information beyond those generalities. 

  • Citizen review board needed?

    To the Editor:

    "See something, say something." That was a favorite catch phrase of law enforcement at the recent safety meetings. The idea is if you see something criminal, you call the cops. But what happens next?

    I saw something and said something in 2008 while working for Chester County. I thought surely once I had reported what I witnessed on the job, the government would stop it. The cops would protect my family from the criminals. I was wrong. They fought tooth and nail for years to cover it up.

  • Supports Parnell for Congress

    To the Editor:

    This letter is to encourage readers to vote next Tuesday and to vote for Archie Parnell.

    I know Archie Parnell and his wife, Sarah. From my discussions and interactions with him and my observations of his interactions with others, I am impressed by how intently he listens and how clear and common-sense his positions are on issues we all care about.

  • Vote for Parnell

    To the Editor:

    This is to urge the voters of Chester County to vote early and to support Archie Parnell for Congress.