• Trash(ing) Chester

    There were two separate public efforts to pick up trash off Chester County's roads on Saturday. Kudos to both Carrie Brantley who organized the "Beautify Chester" event, to the City of Chester for initiating its own clean-up effort and to all the citizens that pitched in on both. The hard work made a noticeable difference and brought awareness to something that is becoming an embarrassment.

  • Repeating ourselves

    Is it procrastination or apathy?
    As of Tuesday, interest in the upcoming election, at least locally and in terms of candidate filings, has been tepid at best. Two people have filed for county supervisor, one for probate judge, two incumbents have filed for county council and one person has filed for House District 41.

  • Sunshine Week

    We are in the midst of Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of open government and the people's right to know what their government is doing. People typically associate Sunshine Week with citizens being able to obtain information when they ask for it. We actually think that, locally, it is time to take things a step further.

  • Filing for office

    Complaining can bring attention to an issue, but it rarely solves anything. Rectifying a situation requires action.
    In a few weeks, filing will officially open for this year's elections. While U.S. Senate and House seats will be on the ball,t we are more interested right now in some local races. As of March 16, filing will open for county supervisor, three county council seats and four school board positions. We're interested to see who throws their hat in the ring.

  • Take the keys

    A 16-year-old with two wrecks and three speeding tickets on his record probably isn't going to have much luck if he asks his dad for the keys to his Porsche. That's kind of what Chester City Council did last week, but there was not a wise parental authority present with the ability to tell them "no."

  • Accept it

    After watching nearly 20 hours of testimony last week in the trial to decide if Chester County can take control of E911 away from Sheriff Alex Underwood, we've come to a decision. Not on how the judge will or should rule, though. We've decided we don't want to see 20 more hours of testimony.

  • Following the law

    Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it, but local governmental bodies can't even claim not to know that something they are doing is wrong.
    As we've mentioned in this space many times before, the South Carolina Court of Appeals ruled last year that amending a meeting agenda of a public body once a meeting has begun does not jibe with the state's Freedom of Information Act. The court's ruling stated, in part "To allow an amendment of the agenda regarding substantive public matters undercuts the purpose of the notice requirement."

  • Disagrees with editorial
  • Valid, invalid arguments

    There are a lot of valid questions to be asked about moving Chester County E-911's offices and taking its employees out from underneath the authority of Sheriff Alex Underwood. We think questions about the legality of the meeting where that occurred are invalid, however.

  • Recreation

    The City of Chester is currently without a full-time recreation director. We think this a good time to question whether or not the city needs to be in the recreation business.