• The best deal

    When it comes to spending your money on services like house painting or yard mowing, you probably take a lot of things into account. Maybe you just go for the best deal, maybe you stick with a company that has never disappointed you and has always delivered quality or maybe you decide the best way to go is to just spend  some money up front on the needed tools and equipment, do it yourself and save money in the long run.

  • On Sunshine Week

    We are in the midst of Sunshine Week, seven days set aside to celebrate open government and the public’s right to know. This seems like the perfect time then to acknowledge some local progress on that front.

  • Working together

    Chester sometimes gets a bad rap as a place where people and entities fight amongst themselves and don’t always work toward the greater good for all. There is one project in the offing, though, one that is overwhelmingly positive and could have ripple effect benefits for some time to come, that appears to have a lot of people pulling in the same direction.  

  • Moving forward

    We have a lot of options when it comes to travel.  A person can drive their own vehicle, ride a bike or walk to get where they want to go. So as long as there is gas in the car, air in the bicycle tires or good tread left on your sneakers, any of the three is a viable option.

  • More Sunshine

    For several years, we’ve used this space to call for more openness in local government and to criticize the lack of movement in that direction. It seems only fair then to laud the one local government entity that believes in the public’s right to know and that is making access to information much easier.

  • He loved Chester

    Rarely does an obituary truly tell the story of a person’s life. Dates, next of kin, church affiliation, jobs held and awards won can give a tiny snapshot, but they don’t demonstrate character, they don’t convey personality and they don’t paint a full picture of who someone is. That’s impossible to do with words on a page…or, it is in most cases.

  • Following your own rules

    There are rules and laws that all of us have to live by. A society needs order to function, so we willingly operate under a system where we’ve empowered elected officials to set certain rules, empowered law enforcement to make sure citizens abide by them and empowered a court system to punish those who don’t. Citizens aren’t the only ones who have rules they must live by, though.

  • A worthwhile project

    Ember Church isn't just building a house, it is helping build opportunities.

  • The right price

    Wanting something and being able to afford it are obviously two very different things. There's a reason everybody doesn't live in a mansion and drive a sports car.

  • Easy access

    One year ago, Chester County Council discussed the possibility of putting all expenditures online for the public to easily peruse. Unfortunately, the idea doesn't seem to have gone much further than just those discussions.