• Van for veterans needs drivers now

    As we wrote in October, there are more than 63,000 miles on the Disabled American Veterans van since a couple of local guys drove it back from Detroit, when it was brand new in 2003.

    The van has logged almost all those miles in one worthy purpose -- getting veterans to and from necessary appointments, mostly medical, usually in Columbia.

    The dire need is here for the local DAV chapter because the three guys who have regularly driven the van have all had quadruple bypass surgeries, said Wade Stroud, head of one local veterans group.

  • Cyclones -- champs to us

    We want to congratulate the Chester High School Cyclones and head football coach Victor Floyd for the season they concluded Saturday.

    If fan support and the intensity of the support could win the day, then the Cyclones would be polishing the new addition to the trophy case. But it does come down to 11 young men facing off against 11 others. It comes down, sometimes, to how the ball bounces.

    (Some also would say the refs play a part. Perhaps, with a touchdown taken away, we wuz robbed.)

  • Editorial for Nov. 30, 2007

    We have just one thing to say today, it's about as important as anything else we've discussed of late.



  • A bit more to be thankful for

    Wednesday's paper had an interesting advertisement in it, received from the state of South Carolina.

    The ad contained a bunch of blocks with corporate logos in them. One of the blocks contained the logo for JRS Custom Fabrication Inc. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the state was thanking a bunch of industries that had chosen to locate or expand in South Carolina in the past year.

  • Still much to be thankful for

    We are sure most of you agree with our headline. The only persons who might take issue with it, we think, are English teachers and sticklers for grammar. We don't dangle prepositions lightly. To write it right, we still have much for which we are thankful.

    For one thing, all who read this and realize it's basically the same beginning as last year's Thanksgiving editorial, be thankful. You made it, again, to another holiday season.

    Last year, we wrote how "most of the leaves" had already fallen from the trees. Thanksgiving was about a week later, last year.

  • Kudos (well done) to Fort Lawn

    We are Johnny-on-the-Spot when a local governing body does not follow the Freedom of Information Act.

    But we have also, though less frequently praised a local government when it does something right in regard to the FOIA. We can be a bear about it, because it is, after all, the law.

    But we like to be a Teddy Bear about those who do right and we need to give praise where praise is due.

  • News & Reporter letters to the editor

    Neely Roof family thankful for prayers, support

    To the Editor:

  • No get-out-of-drought cards

    We wrote last week about county officials' growing realization of the severity of the drought we are in.

    The information was in our story, but in case it wasn't clear enough, take heed. People with wells who think they are safe from the drought, who think they are immune from the conservation restrictions being placed on people tied into municipal water, are not.

  • Remembering those who served

    We have traditionally been a bit persnickety at this paper when these particular holidays come around.

    People who take pride in their family's military service cannot normally be contained.

    So that everyone who deserves it gets their proper due, we like to point out that Memorial Day isn't for people in the service, and Veterans Day isn't, technically, for people who died in combat, nor for people in the service.

  • RERUN: OnlineChester getting makeover

    Originally run Oct. 26, 2007 in The News & Reporter and at OnlineChester.com: We’re just hours away from the passing of OnlineChester. Don’t worry. If you get your news from the site, its “death” is just temporary.

    Our parent company, Landmark Community Newspapers, Inc., has decided to get everyone in the company on the same platform.