• Remembering those who served

    We have traditionally been a bit persnickety at this paper when these particular holidays come around.

    People who take pride in their family's military service cannot normally be contained.

    So that everyone who deserves it gets their proper due, we like to point out that Memorial Day isn't for people in the service, and Veterans Day isn't, technically, for people who died in combat, nor for people in the service.

  • RERUN: OnlineChester getting makeover

    Originally run Oct. 26, 2007 in The News & Reporter and at OnlineChester.com: We’re just hours away from the passing of OnlineChester. Don’t worry. If you get your news from the site, its “death” is just temporary.

    Our parent company, Landmark Community Newspapers, Inc., has decided to get everyone in the company on the same platform.

  • South Chester fire effort pays off -- no, pays back

    We told you back in June that the South Chester Fire Department had gotten an improved fire insurance rating from an organization called ISO.

    We wrote that “after months of hard work, the Insurance Service Organization sent a letter to South Chester Fire Chief Blair White telling him the fire districts ISO rating had been dropped from a 9 to a 6 for district residents whose homes are within five road miles of either the main fire station or the substation.

  • Has perception become reality?

    In the past few months we have been on the receiving end of some complaints, many of which were deserved -- some in print, others verbally.

    Many have expressed their belief that The News & Reporter is against industrial development. This is far from the truth, but the perception is there and perception appears to have become reality.