• Getting smaller, Part II
  • Getting smaller?

    There is an old saying that too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. The implication, obviously, is that more isn't always better. Sometimes, having more people offer more input does not improve the end result. Each cook can be expertly trained and very successful on their own, but when paired with eight other cooks, there can be arguments about ingredients and cook time...maybe egos and personalities start to clash and end up getting in the way.

  • Never too late

    It’s always the right time to do the right thing.

    We’ve talked a lot lately about the Freedom of Information Act and the importance of having local government entities abide it. We don’t do that to be nitpicky or make anyone look bad, we just think it is important for those who make the rules we must all follow in our day-to-day lives, follow the rules set for them. Not doing so opens their decisions and votes up to legal challenges, but it also means they are breaking the law while acting in your name and on your behalf.

  • Old habits...

    According to the well-worn and frequently used saying, old habits die hard. In South Carolina, where delegation of power is concerned, that is especially true.

  • On second thought...

    A few weeks ago, we used this space to say that, generally speaking, we supported the idea of having Chester City Council bring in some members of the public with a law enforcement background to review applications for the vacant police chief position. After hearing more details of how that arrangement will work and given a bit of reflection, we have developed some misgivings.

  • A-plus

    With school out for the summer, the Chester County School District won’t be issuing any progress reports for a few months. We would like to issue one to the district, however.

  • Let's talk

    In most cases, we think that elected officials need to go with their own beliefs and instincts when it comes to making big decisions. There is obviously nothing wrong with listening to constituents, bot those in office knew that decision-making was the largest part of the job description when they decided to run and leaning on public opinion can sometimes mean they are more heavily influenced by their own circle or by the people who are the loudest or most invested in a given issue.

  • Move quickly

    Having another set of eyes look important things over is normally a positive endeavor. Maybe those eyes come with an added level of expertise or experience, or maybe they just come at things from a different perspective. Generally speaking, though, more input should always be welcome.

  • Help wanted

    Members of Chester City Council frequently make a point of noting that their role is to make policy, not to run the day-to-day business of the city. That may be the case, but they are now tasked with hiring the people who do.

  • On executive sessions

    It is impossible to know how any body will vote on any issue, with one notable exception.