• United Way campaign starts

    We, like you, have been hearing a lot in other area media these past few months about the United Way.

    As the Chester County United Way begins its annual campaign to raise money, we thought we'd weigh in.

    The director of the United Way in Charlotte was apparently paid more than a million dollars in one year, this year, most of it going to a retirement plan for her. It was, supposedly, a makeup payment for prior years when she didn't get enough. The board that runs the United Way defended the payment, but people were outraged.

  • Seven years later

    Has it really been seven years? Seven years since two jets plowed into the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center? Seven years since a jet collided with the Pentagon? Seven years since a fourth jet, its passengers standing up against terrorists, crashed into a Pennsylvania field?

    There was a time when you heard about little else, and it made that day seem like yesterday, everyday. But sometimes, it seems like it was in another lifetime.

    Some people still don’t know how to cope with the horrendous losses of that day.

  • Deadly disease can be fought

    We have been writing a lot more the past few months about something everybody has to deal with, in one way or another, sooner or later.


    Tom Hamilton, a former Chester County Councilman who was stricken with a rare form of cancer, went public with his battle against it — it is now in remission. Since his recovery, he has sprung into action.

    There was a concern years ago that a certain area of Chester County had too many people suffering from cancer. Hamilton represented the area and a woman told him “everyone” out there had cancer.

  • Sometimes, the knee jerks

    We saw at Chester County Coucnil last week that some county residents are upset about the Carolina Thread Trail. Chester County is one of four counties in South Carolina and one of 15 counties overall here and in North Carolina that will be included in this massive effort.

  • Mill No. 2 issue getting litigious

    We don’t think anybody could have been surprised the town of Great Falls has gone to court to stop the sale of the Republic Mill No. 2.

  • No interest in school board?

    We wrote several weeks ago that filing for the Chester County School Board of Trustees had opened, and it’s been a topic of discussion in the paper longer than that. The way we elect school board members has changed in Chester County, so we’ve been telling you about it off and on for almost a year.

  • Dodging bullets?

    We attended a special committee meeting two weeks ago. This committee had its best attendance ever when we attended. At the same time, many people who are supposed to be attending those meetings were not present.

    The committee was created by federal law beginning in the 80s. The Chester County committee has been trying to get an active group going for years. Other counties have the exact same responsibility and have not even begun to form one of their own.

  • Developing plans

    We reported last week on the Chester County.Economic Development Office's release of several plans. One is the office's overall strategic plan, another is the office's "business retention and expansion" plan, another is a list of "targeted industries" the office should pursue.

    Extensive efforts went into the plans. Was it worth it? It's up to the county.

    That's our only real caveat. The plans seem to confirm much of the direction the development office has been taking. But Chester County has created plans before. The Comprehensive Plan springs to mind.

  • Not wondering why, but wondering how?

    We've had a consistent theme in the past two years when Chester County has lost a public official or a community leader.

    We have, more than once, asked why such people leave us. When guys like Tommy Davis, Bill Lazenby and Crack Anderson died, we wondered why we had to lose such leaders.

    We can't wonder why we lost Richburg Mayor John Boyd McCrorey. He was 91. But he was an active and involved 91. McCrorey live a full life full of community service.

  • Jail issue now in your hands

    Click to read the Sales tax Commission's final report.

    You will need Acrobat Reader.

    Well, the jail issue is now in your hands, Chester County. On Monday, County Council gave final approval to holding a referendum in November on a "capital sales project tax" to raise money to renovate the jail.