• Winds of change are blowing

    IBHS's giant fans may not have blown away all the bad things that have happened in Chester recently, but they at least helped to turn the page a bit.
    Yesterday was a big day for Chester County. A little over a year ago, The Institute for Business and Home Safety broke ground on its facility here. At that time, company officials said it would "unique to all the world."

  • Maybe they're starting to pay attention to us

    For a while there, in Chester County, it was hard to tell that we were in the midst of election season.
    In September, just two months away from election day, there was scarcely a campaign sign to be seen and there didn't seem to be a lot of candidates shaking hands and kissing babies. We heard that supreme long-shot senatorial candidate Alvin Greene passed through on Interstate 77 on his way to York County, but didn't stop.

  • Gangs? Here?

    For a long time, county leaders have been planning for growth in Chester County's population and industrial base. Growth has been seeping into South Carolina from the Charlotte area for some time and it's only a matter of time before it comes here.
    Well, it appears Chester does now have something that Charlotte and other big cities have, but it's not something we want.
    That would be gangs.

  • Think before you act

    We're not sure who to credit for coining the phrase, but someone once said "nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m." We're tempted to agree.
    For the second time in two weeks, Chester has been the scene of gun violence. A couple of weeks ago, a young man was shot and killed on Railroad Avenue. An arrest has been made in that case. Shortly after that incident, another arrest was made in a series of shootings.

  • No more black eyes

    Someone asked us a good question the other day. When exactly did heated arguments stop ending with a black eye or bloody nose and start ending with a gunshot wound?
    You'll notice on the front page of the News & Reporter today that there are two stories about murder trials, one about an arrest in a murder and another about an arrest in a pair of shootings. We don't like loading up on violence, mayhem and gunplay, but news is news, whether it reflects positively on Chester or not.

  • Open up debates

    Incumbent 5th District Congressman John Spratt and his November opponent, Mick Mulvaney, had a debate last night. Unless you were actually in attendance, though, you didn't actually see or hear any of it.
    According to various reports, Spratt requested that no audio or video recording of the event be allowed. Mulvaney went along with the request, though he said he didn't like it. Newspaper coverage was allowed, but no recording.

  • Board makes good move

    You are familiar with the old three “R”s of education, that being reading, writing and arithmetic. Chester's school district is trying to eliminate a different “R”, that being repeat offenders.
    When Chester County’s children return to school this month, they will do so with an additional layer of security.
    At a meeting earlier this month, the Chester County School Board voted to run two separate checks on every teacher, substitute teacher, coach, chaperon, custodian and anyone else who may come in contact with children.

  • It's not really Christmas

    More and more these days, people get in as much trouble for what they say as what they do. Awkward jokes, off-handed comments and general poor choices of words fly at light speed across the internet and 24-hour cable outlets leaving the public figure who made the clumsy remark to apologize, spin, back-pedal and duck for cover. Sometimes people say things that are legitimately offensive and other times they are just the victim of political correctness run amok, but anyone in the public eye should know by now to be extra careful about what they say.

  • Spratt v. Mulvaney, what do you think?

    If you judge the level of interest in a political race by the number of letters to the editor we receive, there are obviously a lot of people paying attention to the race between incumbent John Spratt and challenger Mick Mulvaney for the Fifth District Congressional seat.

  • The cost of not getting an education

    The 2010-'11 school year is about to begin in Chester County and as it does we have a word of advice for every child set to start classes.
    Finish what you start.
    We know it's difficult for students to go from the laid-back free time that summer vacation provides to the regimented grind of classes, tests, homework and book reports, but we also know that it is necessary. We know students can't afford to waste a second.