• An uncomfortable conversation

    Let's talk about cancer.
    There are probably very few conversations that begin that way, but more probably should.

  • An unkind cut

    The Chester County School Board is faced with the daunting and unenviable task of finding ways to cut $2.5 million from the budget. That comes on top of other cuts the board has had to make in recent years. No matter what area is the target of a cut someone, whether it be a teacher or a student, will be worse off because of it. That's the reality, painful as it is.

  • Protecting the public (building)

    As of Monday, the Chester County War Memorial Building will be treated more like what it is...a public building.
    At Monday night's meeting of Chester County Council, there was discussion of changing the rental policy on the building. Such a move was deemed necessary because of some unsavory incidents that have taken place there lately. A new, more restrictive resolution was passed.

  • Fuzzy math

    There is some long overdue good news to report in relation to our national debt. It turns out, we may not actually be $14 trillion in debt. After all, if the federal government can't accurately keep track of whether or not it is spending more than $40,000 a year at the Lando Post Office, it should be safe to assume they could get confused with numbers that feature several more zeros at the end.

  • Big and small in Great Falls

    One of the state's smallest public high schools won the state's biggest game on Saturday.
    The Great Falls High School Red Devils defeated Burke High School 53-50 to claim the Class A State Championship at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia. The victory is just another small chapter in the the big book of Great Falls athletic accomplishments.

  • Proud of our Devils

    There used to be a joke that the South Carolina High School League Basketball Weekend of Champions should be renamed the John Smith invitational.
    Maybe it's not a joke.

  • A place in history

    Having the brother of one of American's first black astronauts appear in Chester probably seemed like a far flung idea to Kristie Langdale, principal of the Chester Park Center of Literacy through Technology.
    It's going to happen, though, in part because this is Chester.

  • Run

    It officially started yesterday, but the list of candidates for mayor and city council of Chester has been growing for a couple of weeks. Something is missing from that list, though.
    That would be you.

  • Keep your eyes open

    Where home security is concerned, technology has come a long way. You can actually arm and disarm an alarm system via computer or phone from anywhere in the world. There is no technological advancement that can beat the old fashioned method of neighbors looking out for neighbors.

  • A good partnership

    The pair of $500,000 grants that will be used to make improvements in the East Chester community are a good example of the benefits yielded by working together.
    It was recently announced that a $25,000 grant had been awarded to conduct a study of the problems in East Chester. Receiving that grant insures that a pair of $500,000 grants will follow to help fund some solutions.
    Even though that is a lot of money, it will not be a miracle cure-all for the dilapidated houses, crime and other issues of the community. It's certainly a good start, though.