• Make them pay

    Government offices or departments come in many forms. A sheriff’s department, a fire department or executive branch offices may serve different purposes and have distinct roles, but there is a common thread that runs through them all. They are, first and foremost, supposed to serve the public interest, but they are also supposed to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

  • A welcome change

    We frequently use this space to advocate for open government, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and to call out local governmental entities that run afoul of both. It is important to remind the public and those elected to serve them that the FOIA is not a set of suggestions or recommendations about how to operate…it is the law, one that needs to be adhered to and abided by as strictly as any other law. We also think it is important, though, to acknowledge when elected officials or full public bodies make efforts to be especially open to the public.

  • Serving the public

    One elected official can’t compel another to do anything. One government office can’t dictate how another spends money or conducts its business. Since the ultimate goal of all elected officials is to operate efficiently and serve the electorate, however, they should at least be willing to communicate and collaborate with one another whenever possible.

  • Painful choices

    As the City of Chester begins its budgeting process for the coming fiscal year, we’re reminded of the old adage “if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

  • A move towards openness

    We have two reactions about Chester County Council’s vote Monday night to support putting all expenditures online…it’s about time and thank you.

  • Oversight

    We talk a lot about the Freedom of Information Act here. It is important not just because it gives citizens the ability to see how their tax dollars are spent and how elected officials are acting on their behalf, it provides an additional layer of oversight. People, whether they hold high office or not, are far less likely to misbehave, misappropriate and misspend if they know someone is watching them.

  • Votes of dissent

    You never know how the final vote will go on any matter before a government body…with one notable exception.

  • Following your money

    Sunshine Week (an annual observance of open government in South Carolina) is celebrated for one week each March. We think the idea of the people’s right to know is worthy of a month of observances. So, we present the first in a month-long series of editorials on the importance of the state’s Freedom of Information Act.


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    It is an honor and a privilege that our communities are able to join this prestigious health care organization, MUSC Health.

    MUSC Health is the #1 Hospital System in S.C. It is nationally and internationally recognized. The education, research, and evidence-based care is unapproachable from any health care system around our area or even across state lines.

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