• An open letter to Chester County...from Sheriff Max Dorsey

    I was recently appointed by Governor Henry McMaster to serve as your Sheriff. While I never would have imagined holding this Office under such difficult circumstances, I am committed to do all I can to make this better. I encourage everyone to step away from the bad, look for the good, and work together. The Chester County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to serve and protect you and your family.

  • Snakes on a driveway

    I have a deal with all of God’s creatures that I made some time ago. If they will stay out of my house, I’ll try really hard not to bother them. I apparently should have put in a clause to include my driveway.

  • Acting with millennials

    People who know me know that in addition to newspapering, one of my obsessions is community theater. I have acted, directed and served as technical director in a lot of shows in theaters across the Upstate and had myself a ball in every production I’ve been a part of.

  • I can't hear you

    It’s nice when people are willing to offer advice and guidance on how to overcome problems. I had some experience in that area this weekend.

  • Would you like fries with that? No, I'd like a burger with that

    By this time in our super-connected society we are used to there being a lot of April Fools jokes posted in the media and on social media, so it was not a surprise when I first read about the latest hoax perpetrated by McDonald’s in the last couple of days.

  • Life in the fast lane

    In the course of doing your job, have you ever felt like you’re just spinning your wheels and going around in circles? I sure did last week.

  • Adulting 101

    This morning, my wife’s obnoxiously loud radio went off at 6 a.m. as it always does. Trust me, we need “obnoxiously loud” to rouse us both from our slumber and proceed with adult activities like going to work and feeding our dogs. Funny then that there was a top-of-the-hour news break airing right when the radio went off, with the topic of discussion being “adulting.” Apparently, some high school in Kentucky is offering a class to teach kids how to be ready for life outside the classroom.

  • What the 1134?

    This is going to make me sound super old, but I remember as a young child being fascinated when my cousin showed me his new calculator.

    “It doesn’t even need batteries,” he said. “It is solar-powered.”

    “The sun makes your calculator work? What kind of crazy, newfangled magic is that?” I asked.

  • Nastiness...now in 3D!

    I write a lot about food here, particular strange and disgusting-sounding foods that I’m never going to eat. None of them, though, reach the level of nastiness as something I read about last week. Not pea milk, not chocolate bone broth, not caramel-coated termite, not cricket flour, not even Cajun squirrel-flavored potato chips. People are now eating…plants!

  • When 68 was an "F"

    I hate to be one of those guys who sneers at younger generations, opines about the way things used to be and how hard we had things when compared to present day…but here I am, sneering at younger generations, opining about the way things used to be and how hard we had it compared to present day.