• I'm not eating that

    Every so often, I’ll come across a story that talks about trends in foods or what sort of things people will be eating in the future. Generally, I end up dismayed or revolted or both. Well, I found just such a story and my reaction pretty much was what it normally is.

  • Scattered and covered in history

    When you think of deeply rewarding educational and cultural experiences, do you think of waffles and coffee? I know I do. Almost immediately, in fact.

  • No more laughter on the 23rd floor

    The world is a little less funny this week, because playwright Neil Simon has died. One of his plays about his early days in television writing was called “Laughter on the 23rd Floor.” Well, the 23rd floor is silent now, because “Doc” Simon isn’t writing anymore.

    Most people who know anything about me know that one of my passions is community theater.

  • "You need to know" makes its return

    It should come as no surprise that I received 1,000-plus emails in a given a week. Some are from actual, real, live people in Chester County who want to communicate or share information with me. Others are nameless, faceless entities trying to sell pills and potions guaranteed to enhance a certain aspect of my life. Still others are kindly people from other countries who have several million dollars American they wish to have me hold for a few months. To think they trust me that much is really quite flattering.

  • Flying chairs and injury settlements

    Have you been injured in an accident? Would you like to squawk like a bird on TV? Just dial all 4s!

  • It’s a ‘Gibbon(s)’ That ‘Euell’ Love This Story

    Anybody remember Euell Gibbons? He was the natural food expert who was featured on all the talk shows in the 70s and finally gave in and did some commercials for Grape Nuts cereal. “Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts of it are edible...”

    I thought about ol’ Euell the other day when I saw the article in our sister paper entitled “Foraging for food in your backyard.” That and thinking about ol’ Euell reminded me of the only time I sought for wild food in the wilderness.

  • Raw materials

    People seem to think that $2.50 a gallon is a lot to pay for gasoline that has to be located underground using expensive, high-tech equipment, drilled for, extracted from deep beneath the ground, shipped to a plant to be refined, formulated to meet the government specifications in each state, shipped to the stores where it is sold and pumped into underground tanks. Well, I wonder how those folks would feel about paying $15 a gallon for water?

  • Showing your tail with a side of fries

    We’ve all sat in a drive-thru line that wasn’t moving very fast. We’ve all gotten frustrated. We’ve all cursed, kicked the door of a car in front of us and taken off our pants. Well, maybe not ALL of us.

  • Let's hear it for the cows
  • Light my fuse

    I’m not sure who decided that the best way to celebrate the birth of our nation was to blow up stuff in our backyards, but I’d like to thank that person.