• BILLY ON BEER: Tis the season...for anything but pumpkin

    Good news everyone.  We survived Pumpkin season.  Barely.


    From mid September through early November, everything from coffee to car wax is flavored with pumpkin (don’t ask how I found out about the car wax).  That includes beer, which gets spiked with all the things that remind us of pumpkin, but aren’t anything close to real pumpkin. 


    Scary, I know. 


  • Coming to a bathroom near you!
  • A Journey through the '80s

    This is going to come as a shock to you, but I saw an odd news story this morning and it sent my mind careening in an odd direction. First time for everything, I guess.

  • May the floss be with you

    I know why they do it. It’s an attempt to make their message stand out among the hundreds of emails and press releases a newspaper editor gets every day. All they really did, though, was create a bizarre scenario in my head.

  • The cat did it

    I was driving to work this morning when reporter Brian Garner texted to inquire where I was and at what point we’d be meeting up. I told him I was on the way to Chester and asked what was up.

    “Long story. Tell you when I see you,” he said.

    That sounded bad to me and given that I’ve had to try to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane all but wrecking our office roof, I wasn’t going to twist in the wind and wait until I saw Brian to find out what the problem was. I expected the worst as I called him.

  • I'm not eating that

    Every so often, I’ll come across a story that talks about trends in foods or what sort of things people will be eating in the future. Generally, I end up dismayed or revolted or both. Well, I found just such a story and my reaction pretty much was what it normally is.

  • Scattered and covered in history

    When you think of deeply rewarding educational and cultural experiences, do you think of waffles and coffee? I know I do. Almost immediately, in fact.

  • No more laughter on the 23rd floor

    The world is a little less funny this week, because playwright Neil Simon has died. One of his plays about his early days in television writing was called “Laughter on the 23rd Floor.” Well, the 23rd floor is silent now, because “Doc” Simon isn’t writing anymore.

    Most people who know anything about me know that one of my passions is community theater.

  • "You need to know" makes its return

    It should come as no surprise that I received 1,000-plus emails in a given a week. Some are from actual, real, live people in Chester County who want to communicate or share information with me. Others are nameless, faceless entities trying to sell pills and potions guaranteed to enhance a certain aspect of my life. Still others are kindly people from other countries who have several million dollars American they wish to have me hold for a few months. To think they trust me that much is really quite flattering.

  • Flying chairs and injury settlements

    Have you been injured in an accident? Would you like to squawk like a bird on TV? Just dial all 4s!