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  • I have gas!

    It takes a little while to get used to driving a new car…and based on my experience, it takes a while to get used to putting gas in it too.

  • Someone should be held accountable

    (Editor’s Note: The following is a joint statement sent from Senator Mike Fanning (District 17: Fairfield, Chester and York counties), State Representative Mary Gail Douglas (District 41: Fairfield and Richland counties) and Fairfield County Council Chairman Billy Smith on Aug. 1 regarding SCANA, SCE&G and Santee Cooper's announced plans to abandon the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Western Fairfield County.)

    To the Editor:

  • I choose ‘cool GF’ over ‘Hotlanta’

    People often ask me “How do you live in a small town?”

    My reply is, “How do you live in a big city?”

    Some people think Great Falls is a small Podunk town in the middle of nowhere. I call it home. It has been home since the day I was born.

    The area is easy to navigate around and it doesn’t take long for newcomers to find the shortcuts to frequent destinations.

  • Concern grew but faith never let go

    “Miracles happen each day. We may not actually see them but I am blessed to be one,” said Rachel Flynn Carpenter.

    Carpenter, 40, believes her life is proof that miracles happen. Her heart stopped beating and she quit breathing on Feb. 25, 2017.

    “There’s a lot I don’t remember from that day,” Carpenter said.

  • Johnson gets probation, suspended sentence in La’Darious Wylie death

    The woman who ran over and killed an 11-year-old Chester boy in 2015 was sentenced to probation and a suspended sentence last week in a Lancaster County courtroom.

  • The surprising secret of Chester State Park

    Visitors to Chester State Park recently were treated to some early park history as part of the local programming for the travelling Smithsonian “The Way We Worked” exhibition.

    In the setting of Shelter 2 outdoors, Park Manager David Baker gave a talk on the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) companies that built Chester State Park and many other state parks throughout South Carolina. There were 16 parks in the state built by the CCC. The CCC did not build the other Chester County state park, Landsford Canal State Park, Baker said.

  • Fort Lawn swears in Hatcher

    Newly elected Fort Lawn Town Councilmember Wendy Hatcher was sworn in to her seat on council at the July meeting. Hatcher is filling the unexpired term of former Councilmember Thomas Jones, who resigned the seat because he was moving out of the town limits. Town Attorney Brian Grier administered the oath and Hatcher’s daughter Ashley Bellavance held the Bible for her. Hatcher’s ex-husband, Al Bellavance, is also a town councilmember.

  • Roads Bill resurfacing 2.12 miles in Chester initially

    The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has announced the awarding of contracts for road resurfacing and rehab under the new Roads Bill in 27 counties, as well as increased funding from the General Assembly to local County Transportation Committees (CTCs).

    According to an SCDOT release, in this first announcement, Chester County will see 2.12 miles of road resurfaced or rehabbed, on three roads in the county: Belt Road, Rodman Road and Wilson Street.

  • Learn a bit of Lando history Saturday night

    The Lando-Manetta Mills History Center will host  “Lando Movie Night” this Saturday beginning at 5 p.m. at the Lando Fire Station in Lando. The event will be a combination of some “home movies” spanning the periods of 1935-1945 and 1985 taken by residents and former Lando residents and the presentation “Social Fabric,” a photographic examination of mill life and operations by Dr. Phil Moody.

  • Unemployment rate, number of emplyed up in June

    The number of people with jobs went up but so did Chester County’s unemployment rate in June.