Today's News

  • One arrested in Sunday night shooting at club

    One man is in jail and Chester County agents are investigating a shooting Sunday night near a local club known for other incidents.

    Cedric "Too-Too" Merrel Evans, 19, of 301 Ashford St., Chester, was arested and charged with discharging a firearm into a structure and assault and battery with intent to kill.

    Two 21-year-old men are listed as victims of the shooting at the 321 Sports Club on Columbia Road in Chester..

    According to an incident report, deputies were notified at about 2:20 a.m. Sunday about an "ongoing shooting" at 560 Columbia Road,

  • Four arrested in Eureka Mill drug sweep

    Four men living at three houses within a few feet of each other were arrested Sunday night and charged with selling drugs in the Eureka Mill Village.

    "It's strange to have so many different drug sellers operating so close to each other without a link," said Deputy Scott Thompson, a member of the Chester County Drug Enforcement Unit.

    As with many recent drug arrests, Thompson said complaints from neighbors led the drug team to open an investigation. When the unit saw what appeared to be drug traffic, confidential informants were sent in to buy drugs.

  • Man pleads to lesser offense in Christmas Eve '04 death

    A Chester man charged with murder in the death of a Mexican restaurant worker on Christmas Eve 2004 pleaded guilty to a lesser offense Friday and was sentenced to five years.

    He was also given time for a drug offense, but that sentence runs along with the homicide sentence.

    Kochese Kawales Gregory, 31, was in court Friday initially for an early morning bond hearing, but he talked with his attorney and instead pleaded guilty to three reduced charges around 1:20 p.m. His attorney said the charges to which he pleaded guilty fit the available evidence.

  • BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: Great Falls on to state championship Friday; Chester heads to Upperstate title match

    Chester won 48-24 over Daniel Lions and will play Union County Yellowjackets for the Upperstate Championship at 8 p.m. Friday in Chester.

    Great Falls won 42-14 over Ridge Spring-Monetta Trojans and will play the Blackville-Hilda Hawks at noon Friday at S.C. State stadium in Orangeburg. Division II A.

  • GOT A MINUTE: Many, many wonderful vacation experiences

    Our editor wrote a column about his less than restful vacaction, and it reminded me of my own vacation experiences.

    I was running a mutual fund sales operation in Washington D.C. for a Wall Street -based outfit, the largest one in the country, and my office became quite successful, but also quite stressful and I just had to get away to preserve my sanity.

  • Keeping on in East Chester: Pardon Me? Part III

    Can anyone stand one More column on our words? Of all the articles, "Pardon Me?" seems to be the favored (and flavored) one among readers. So many good comments have been received about them along with a sense of public recognition and notoriety.

    To all of you who have been so kind and sharing about the articles, I say a humble "Ankh• t" (Thank You) and please bear with me one more 'gin on "Pardon me?"

  • County schools doing well in competitions

    Chester County's high schools have achieved a lot this year in competitive events.

    Chester County Council took an informal vote at its last meeting to prepare a resolution honoring those teams.

    The football teams of Chester Senior High School and Great Falls continue in the state playoffs, Chester in Class AAA and Great Falls in Class A.

    While Lewisville High School has been eliminated from the playoffs, it did win the region and wil be included in the resolution.

  • BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: DEU breaks up gambling ring

    A Chester man was charged Monday morning with operating a sports betting ring that has been puling in $15,000 to $20,000 a week for the past five years.

  • TALKING TURKEY: Cooking basics will have guests gobbling up Thanksgiving bird

    If it seems like Tha-nksgiving is coming a week ahead of time, blame it on the calendar.

    The holiday is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month and since Nov. 1 was a Thursday, it has the feel of being seven days early.

    But regardless of when it falls, some things – like the traditional Thanksgiving turkey – never change.

    And now – not Nov. 21 – is the time to get started.

    The first step, according to the National Turkey Federation, is figuring out what size turkey you need.


    Armenia UMC

    Armenia UMC, 2840 Armenia Road, has moved morning Bible study to 11 a.m. Tuesdays.

    Christmas boxes are due by 9:30 a.m. Sunday.

    A Thanksgiving covered dish lunch will be held at noon Sunday. Everyone is asked to bring a well-filled picnic basket.

    The Ruritan will hold a community Thanksgiving service Sunday at Lowrys First Baptist Church. The pastor from Armenia UMC will speak.

    Bethel UMC

    Bethel UMC, 101 York St., will be the host church for the community Thanksgiving service at 7 p.m. Tuesday.