Today's News

  • A gold medal effort

    It was probably Shakita Davis' slowest ever effort in the the 400 hurdles. It may also have been her best.

    Davis came into Saturday's AAA track meet a favorite in a couple of events, including the 100 meter hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles. She showed why in the 100, knocking out a gold medal winning time of 15.06.

    About the time she crossed the finished line, Davis collapsed. She was taken to the medical tent for treatment of a hip injury.

  • Bumgardner, Lynn nominated for statewide award

    Two Great Falls baseball stand-outs have been nominated for a statewide award.

    Both Gaither Bumgardner and Isaiah Lynn are up for the No-Spit All-Star of the Year. Both became eligible by being named a weekly winner. Bumgardner was named the winner in week 6 of the competition after hitting .667 with four runs that week. He also had a 12 strikeouts performance and picked up a win on the mound that week.

    Lynn was honored in week nine, the last week of the competition, after going 4-for-4 with four homers in a 17-1 playoff win over Tamassee-Salem.

  • Stealing signs?

    When we got the letter to the editor Tuesday, we were a bit concerned because the letter section of the paper was already bursting at the seams.

    At the same time, it is topical and can't wait. Best yet, we agree with it.

    Pam Love of Chester writes:

    Why is it that some candidate's signs disappear while others remain?

    Who would be so immature as to remove signs from people's yards?

    Some candidates don't have the time to go out and raise money for their campaigns. Most of it comes out of their own pockets.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Anti-violence forum produces ideas

    For those in attendance at Tuesday's community forum, two faces were put on the recent spate of shootings in Chester.

    Brian Mack, who was the victim of a shooting April 27, and Virginia Ervin, whose son Brandon was shot and killed two days later, were on hand for the forum.

    Mack said he was unhappy that the word "gang" was attached to his shooting in the media. He said he it wasn't implied that he was in a gang, but he just didn't like being attached to the word.

  • Gateway group to meet again

    Chester County Councilman Alex Oliphant's Gateway cleanup group will gear back up.

    The group met last year to talk about cleaning up the appearance of Chester, particularly its entrances and main drags.

    Members committed enough money to pay for "Phase 1" environmental studies of the Thomas and Howard warehouse and the old Springsteen mill site. The studies were just completed, and Oliphant announced the results at last week's County Council meeting.

  • Foster retires from post office

    The post office is used to change.

    The price of stamps go up, rural routes change to more specific 911 addresses, the hand-sorting of mail is phased out by machines.

    One of the few constants at the Chester Post Office, for the past 39 years, has been the presence of Richard Foster.

    That too has now changed. Two weeks ago, Foster retired.

    Foster was first hired in May of 1969.

    "I started off as a part-time employee like everybody did in those days," Foster said.

  • New group selling downtown

    Shop Historic Chester, a new billboard just erected on Interstate 77 proclaims.

    Getting the sign up completes something Marlene Hinson has been wanting for years.

    Hinson, who owns the Mill Village Cafe on Gadsden Street has joined with 12 other downtown merchants to form an informal merchants association, the Chester Business Council.

    "We have got to do something to promote Chester," Hinson said Monday. "We have to get businesses here."

  • Battle of Beckhamville plans underway

    Have you ever seen a salt maker? Or watched someone make a broom? Or seen how tombstones were made from slate?

    You can if you want to soon in Great Falls.

    There will even be an 18th century lace maker, a refugee from France.

    All of this can be experienced at the seventh annual Battle of Beckhamville, which has been set for June 6, 7 and 8 in Great Falls on the original battlefield.

  • BREAKING NEWS Two more Cycs to sign

    Chester High basketball players Donald Sims and Xavier Mayfield will sign with USC-Salkehatchie, according to their coach Jason Smith.

    Sims averaged 15 points and 15 rebounds per game, while Mayfield added 10 points and 2 assists a contest for the Cyclones, who made it to the upperstate title game for the second time in history this season.

    USC-Salkehatchie is a two-year program. Both players could leave there with two years of eligibility. Smith said Sims is receiving some Division I attention.

  • VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Dancing the Decades