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  • Church Calendar week of 01/18

    Bethel UMC

    Ash Wednesday service, 7 p.m. on Feb. 6 at Armenia UMC.

    Capers Chapel UMC

    • Advent Bible study, 4 p.m. Sunday at New Hope UMC.

    • Trip to Market Street Buffet in Gastonia and bowling, 5 p.m. Saturday.

    Chester ARP

    • Basics of Christianity course, Jan. 13-March 2 during Sunday school.

    • "Star of Bethlehem -- Fact or Fiction?" 4 to 7 p.m. Sundays, Jan. 27 and Feb. 3. Speaker: The Rev. Frank Williams.

    Chester Baptist Association

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Some information on where to vote

    The S.C. Republican Party will hold its presidential preference primary from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.

    The state Election Commission issued the following advisory for people about the election.

    Q. Where do I vote?

    A. Your precinct and polling place are listed on your voter registration card. However, polling places change from time to time and some counties have consolidated polling places specifically for the presidential primaries. Your precinct is the geographical area you live in; your polling place is the location where you vote.

  • GOT A MINUTE: Nothing could be more flattering ... Imitation

    It has been called the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also be the demise of creativity.

    This was brought home to me by my father when I was studying the Beethoven Violin Concerto. I had listened to as many premier violinists as possible to learn as much as possible as to what was possible and one day while practicing the Beethoven my father came into the room and asked me "What the hell was that?"

    I replied "Heifetz did it."

    And he asked me "What's your name?"

  • TruVista airing local basketball, wrestling

    Just because you can't be at a game, doesn't mean you have to miss it. As it did with Chester High football in the fall, TruVista, Channel 39 is airing Chester and Lewisville winter sports, and hopes to add Great Falls coverage too.

    "We're covering winter sports, and we're going to provide coverage of spring sports as well," said Peter Stone, whose production company records, edits and airs the programming.

  • Chester takes two from Fairfield Central

    Chester girls basketball coach Marilyn Milton said her team has been steadily improving since the start of region play. On Friday, for the first time in over a week, that improvement paid off in the form of a win.

    The Lady Cyclones broke a 26-26 tie midway through the third quarter to put away Fairfield Central by a 59-46 score.

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Anti-McCain flyer sent to Chester County UPDATE

    An interest group tried to make Chester County another page in South Carolina’s reputation as a hotbed of political dirty tricks.

    A group calling itself Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sent a two page mailer to The News & Reporter last week. With shades of the group that questioned U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s military service in the 2004 presidential campaign, this flyer targeted U.S. Sen. John McCain, alleging he is using his time spent as a prisoner of war as a sympathy ploy to gain votes, along with other accusations about McCain’s storied military service.

  • GUEST COLUMN: The value of proven leadership

    As we watch the presidential debates and hear the candidates proclaim their qualifications and experience in governing, it would seem that demonstrated personal qualities should rank as most important, particularly Leadership, when determining who can best guide the country. Leadership is a personal quality that drives success in the face of failure, hope when others are despaired, and inspiration when fatigued efforts are expended.

  • STATE HOUSE REPORT: Dennis Moss's take on new session

    The second regular session of the 117th South Carolina General Assembly convened Jan. 8. Things were already happening in Columbia -- Dec. 5 was the first wave of prefiled legislation; the second prefiled date was Dec. 12. There are many significant issues that may be considered by the General Assembly when it reconvenes.

    Education is always an important issue at the State House. Legislation establishing the S.C. Public School Choice Program was approved by the General Assembly during 2007, but the Governor's veto of the legislation was sustained.

  • LEGISLATIVE HAPPENINGS: Beginning the last, bittersweet session

    After being in my home district, returning to Columbia after six months to begin a new session, is always an exciting, but a hard change. During the interim we enjoy visiting with our constituents and looking after their needs. We still do that in Columbia, but the additional responsibilities of legislating makes life very busy.

  • County pulls troubled road into system: But is it already there?

    Chester County Council voted two weeks ago to officially pull the oft-flooded Raxter Road into its road system.

    But the road, according to some, is already there.

    In or out, the county applied last year, received and has spent the first phase of a federal grant to get a fix for the road. Every time it rains heavily, Tinkers Creek floods, closing the road. There is a box culvert on the road that can't handle the floods.

    In Thanksgiving 2006, rains closed the road for three days. In March of 2007, it was again closed for more than a day,