Today's News

  • Lions bow out with loss to Hornets

    After enjoying a great deal of success for 22 games, the Lewisville baseball season ended in one bad inning.

    Facing top-seeded Dixie Wednesday, needing two victories to advance to the upperstate title bracket, the Lions allowed six runs in the second inning of game one and lost by a 7-1 score.

    "In the second inning, it was three walks, four hits and a couple of close calls that didn't go our way," Lewisville coach Billy Keels said.

  • Loss ends Great Falls career of Blackmon, Heffner, Greenleaf

    Great Falls' 9-3 loss to Landrum Wednesday could be chalked up to one big inning by the Cardinals. Landrum scored six runs in the second inning to break a 2-2 tie and claim a lead they would never relinquish. That's not how Red Devils coach Brett Blackmon sees it, however.

    "Sometimes you feel like you lost the game," Blackmon said. "That maybe if you'd made another play here and there it would have been different. But that wasn't the case tonight. We were beaten by a better team. Landrum is just a really good baseball program."

  • Tuesday loss ends Cycs season

    The six senior starters for the Chester softball team will leave the school with lots of wins, lots of awards and a pair of visits to the upperstate title game.

    Unfortunately, the team will also leave without a state title. That fate was assured with a season-ending 9-7 loss to Daniel on Tuesday.

    "We had a good season," said coach Tommy Bailey. "We just came up a little short."

    Chester seemed poised to knock off Daniel in the early going. Taylor Roof and Tysheika Gregory both drew walks in the first inning. Chiquita Griffin knocked both in with a single for a 2-0 lead.

  • Locals learn about 'Palmetto Hero'

    Help may be on the way for teachers looking to buy a home.

    Two state agencies announced a joint $20 million initiative to offer low-interest home loans to South Carolina teachers and to help with their down payments.

    The 2008 Palmetto Hero Program, run jointly by the S.C. State Housing Authority and the S.C. Department of Education, will offer the assistance to eligible teachers hoping to purchase their first home.

    According to reports, the loans are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Still waiting for word on 'lifeline'

    Extra money for Meals on Wheels still in budget flux

    Supplemental money that helped feed and provide companioship for several Chester County senior citizens is still awaiting the completion of the state budget, but it may be put in, for 2008, again as a one-time appropriation.

    S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford attempted to leave out a $2.9 million appropriation from his budget, but there's a strong push to get the money back into the budget.

  • On endorsements

    Before each election season, we try to remind you of our coverage policy and the policy on endorsements, ours and yours.

    We generally try to avoid covering the day-to-day, blow-by-blow of even our local campaigns, given our staff and space limitations.

    We generally try to talk government more than politics. Government, good or bad, affects people's lives.

  • THAT GUY: I wonder if I'd like it if things got better in Chester County

    I am a Chester native, went to Dora Jones Elementary School and graduated from Chester High School. I grew up here, learned the street names and associated them with names of friends. I worked a bit at Bordenee%s and on various construction jobs that needed strong backs and weak minds (just dig, son; never mind what for, just dig)!

    I dug a lot and grew a few muscles that I didn'ee%t know I possessed. It was summer work and very thrifty were the paymasters. Still, I saved a bit and off to school I went to Atlanta with starry eyes and hope in my heart.

  • GUEST COLUMN: Adult Ed asks churches to join effort

    Dear Church Family,

    In today's world, it's good advice to never judge a day by its weather. With gas prices on the rise, jobs heading across the border and the unemployment rate in Chester County at 12 percent (three times the national average) it may sometimes be difficult to see the sun through the clouds. However, knowing that change is a "job", we can help and so can you.

  • T. Roof is on fire

    Taylor Roof has always stood head and shoulders above most of her teammates and opponents on the softball field. Literally.

    Roof is just a hair under 6-feet-tall.

    "Ever since I started playing Ponytails (a Dixie girls softball division) opposing coaches have asked to see my birth certificate," Roof said. "To make sure I wasn't too old to be playing."

  • LEGISLATIVE HAPPENINGS: Immigration discussion stalls on minor detail

    The Senate Finance Committee passed on to the Senate calendar several bills that have already received second reading. One bill provides for a non-refundable income tax credit for any meat packer, butcher, or processing plants licensed or permitted by the state or the US Department of Agriculture. It provides that during the tax year for which the credit is claimed there must be a valid contract with a non-profit organization to process deer for donation to any charitable organization engaged in distributing food to the needy.