Today's News

  • Statuary now on sale

    Driving south on Interstate 77, there's a new reason to stop at Exit 65.

    Look to the right and there are stone urns, statues and a building where they are sold.

    Artistic Statuary opened March 28, a quiet opening, according to the lady running the store. Just a few locals were contacted, yet because of word-of-mouth, turnout was bigger than they expected.

    Sylvia Leckie Jennings, a Lando native, is running the business for her daughter and son-in-law.

    They live in Florida. About eight years ago, they bought Artistic Statuary, a 30-year-old business in Pompano.

  • CHURCH CALENDAR week of 05/09

    Armenia Baptist

    Mother's Day celebration, 11 a.m. Sunday. Speaker: Pastor Bessie Curbeam.

    Armenia UMC

    Dual sport fundraiser, Sunday, May 18.

    Bethel UMC

    • Annual spring bake sale, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. today in front of Cody's Jewelry Shop.

    • Mothers honored Sunday.

    Bethlehem UMC

    Homecoming, 11 a.m. Sunday, May 18. Lunch to follow. Bring chairs, picnics and drinks.

    Calvary Baptist, Calvary Church Road

    • Youth Sunday, May 11. Dinner to follow morning services. No evening services Sunday or on Memorial Day, May 25.

  • MY VIEW: Pregnant man births plenty of questions

    There's an old saying, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Since I'm no angel, I'll play my usual role and rush in with my thoughts about the Oregon man who is pregnant.

    Personally, I find this to be extremely disturbing news not for the obvious ethical, moral and religious questions that abound but for the implications on gender roles from this time forward.

  • I-77 Speedway Results

    On May 3, I-77 Speedway was alive again with the sound of cheering race fans and roaring race cars. The results of the race are as follows:

    • Late Models:

    1) Randy Smith, No. 84

    2) Walter Neal, No. 1

    3) Billy Thompson, No. 00

    4) Brandon Ifft, No. 27I

    5) Robbie Jordan, No. 47X

    • Super Street:

    1) Ben Watkins, No. 71

    2) Rusty Broome, No. R5

    3) Jerry Oliver, No. Y44

    4) John Kline, No. 69X

    5) Nick Norris, No. 1

    • Rookie Four:

    1) Tyler Love, No. 92

    2) Bubba Albert, No. 29

  • Lions gear up for spring practice

    The rules for Spring football practices have changed this year, but the practices at Lewisville will look the same as always.

    For the first time this year, teams can go in full gear and will be allowed to have contact in the month of May. Lions coach Floyd Drum said he doesn't plan to go that route, though.

    "To only do that for four or five days, I just don't see it," Drum said. "We'll use spring practice to teach and to install our conditioning work and lifting program like we always do."

  • Chester natives wrap up college seasons

    The college baseball season is wrapping up for many teams and a number of Chester County players recorded solid seasons at the collegiate level.

  • UPDATE Local Guard units return

    She hugged her son, she's not sure how long.

    "It was just a big ol' hug," said Wanda Bennett. "A pretty big hug."

    She had seen her son back in January, but when she saw him a few weeks ago, it was different.

    This time Spc. Paul A. Bennett Jr was home, home for good, safe, back from the war.

    The young man from Richburg is a member of the 218th Combat Brigade, which was deployed for a year to Afghanistan as part of the War on Terrorism.

  • SHOOTING UPDATE Two community forums to address recent shootings

    Law enforcement and school officials are preparing for at least two community forums to address issues of violence and the sale of illegal drugs in several neighborhoods in and around Chester, in the wake of four shootings in two days, one that resulted in a death.

    School and law enforcement will meet with the East Chester Community Association group on Tuesday. A community wide forum will follow on Thursday at the YMCA.

    Kelly Avery and Kim Moore of the Safe Schools/Healthy Student initiative have agreed to facilitate the meeting between the officers and the community.

  • So, these jobs ...

    We have begun a series of stories that will take us through to an upcoming jobs forum.

    There's been a lot of discussion of Chester County's status. We've been ranked third in unemployment in South Carolina for five months running. The four months before that, we were ranked second worst.

    The rate is dipping, but we can't seem to shake loose the bad ranking. The last time Chester County had a single-digit unemployment rate was one month ago. In May 2007, we had a 9.5 percent unemployment rate. And where did we rank then? Third.

  • LEGISLATIVE HAPPENINGS: Senate passes immigration reform bill, but ...

    Frustrated by the failure to complete the conference committee report, the Senate amended another House bill in a final attempt to address immigration reform.