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  • Mis(ter) and mis(fit) in our attire?

    As a lifelong student of human behavior, I am always looking at people and things and processing the information thus being imparted.
    Few things are as complex, humorous or downright perplexing as finding the rationale and understanding of some of the behavioral practices some of us engage in. The list numbers in the thousands but may I touch on just a few that are so generically prevalent today?

  • Douglas signs with USC-Sumter

    Evan Douglas says that when he's on the mound, he blocks out everything.
    "All I see is me and the catcher," Douglas said.
    That worked out well, because in the try-out that earned him a spot on a college roster, it really was just him and a catcher.
    Douglas, who recently graduated from Great Falls, signed Wednesday with USC-Sumter.
    Douglas began to emerge during his junior year, elevating his play once the playoffs started. His surge continued during his senior year when he established himself as one of the state's best pitchers.

  • Jones headed to Erskine

    When he threw a no-hitter for the Great Falls varsity baseball team as an eighth grader, it was obvious that Daniel Jones had the talent to play college baseball. He will, but he won't be pitching at the next level.
    Jones, a June graduate of Great Falls High School, signed with Erskine College on Wednesday. Jones will be a middle infielder for the Flying Fleet.

  • Cyclones let it rip

    Chester Cyclones football coach Anthony Sterling is known for delivering very memorable quotes. At the conclusion of practice on Wednesday, he did not disappoint.
    "When a cyclone comes to town, it rips the town up," Sterling said. "When the Cyclones team come to a field, it rips the field up."
    Sterling was alluding to Chester's Thursday scrimmage at Union County High. He said he certainly wants to see his team "rip it up" but also noted that the session was more about getting a look at players in a game-type situation.

  • Activist: "Innocent blood cries from the grave"

    It was a vision of his deceased mother late one night that prompted Marshall Jackson to trek southward from his current Brooklyn, N.Y. home to Chester during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2009.
    This was the second time she had “appeared” to him, he said, signaling to him that all was not right down home.
    She hit the nail on the head.

  • Chester school district has "wish list" for supplies

    Parents of Chester County public school students are not required to purchase school supplies this school year but the district has developed a “wish list” for the community to lend assistance.

  • Joe Ligon is "the real deal" in video production

  • Chester Schools not alone in lower AYP scores

  • City taps fund balance for paving project

    Every part of the City of Chester's four-tiered plan to upgrade the look of the city and city properties was going according to plan and according to budget. Right up until bids were opened for a new municipal parking lot.

  • Realignment brings what was expected

    The realignment plan unveiled by the South Carolina High School League on Monday is pretty close to what local coaches and athletic directors were expecting.
    Every two years, the league undergoes realignment, a process of placing schools in regions based on proximity and size. Going in, it was understood that the regions Chester, Lewisville and Great Falls compete in would look radically different.