Today's News

  • Cyclones finish strong

    Chester coach Anthony Sterling said that Saturday's six-team scrimmage at Laurens was a test of endurance. Given that Chester improved throughout the nearly five-hour session, it was a good day for the Cyclones.
    In the first session of the day, Chester faced Ware Shoals. The format for the day featured six plays, followed by a drive. After holding Ware Shoals at bay on its first possession, Chester moved into Hornets territory thanks to a couple of strong runs by Derrell Rambert. The drive eventually bogged down, though.

  • The wait is worth it for Lewisville Lions

    When you've waited nine months for football season to arrive, what's 90 more minutes?
    The Lewisville Lions were supposed to scrimmage Andrew Jackson Friday at 6 p.m. but were sent scurrying inside because of lightning. There is a mandatory half-hour wait after a lightning strike. Once the half hour elapsed, the two teams jogged back out onto the field and jogged back inside after another lightning strike. Finally, after a third lightning delay, the two teams teams were able to get on the field. The results were good for Lewisville.

  • Fresh fruits, veggies on tap at Farmers Market

    Okra, and squash, and apples! Oh, my!
    Evelyn Holmes had $5 to spend and an appetite for freshly grown produce to fill early Saturday morning.
    So, she began her search at Johnny Cousar's table, where a smörgåsbord of all her favorites waited for her.
    Seconds later, Cousar found himself weighing a pound of okra, a hot ticket item on his table every week.
    “I like that size,” Holmes said, veering over to get a closer look at Cousar's balance scale.

  • Family, church members unite to map graves

    This past weekend, Yvonne Davis had reason to believe that her baby brother and grandfather were buried beside each other in the same cemetery.
    That same morning, she still didn't know where their graves were located.
    The search for Davis, though, isn't over.
    Nor is it over for Eumon Chisolm Jr., who indicated the sporadically dispersed graves of family and friends, some of them with tombstones and some of them without.

  • LES is "a place to be an influence"

  • New threads in Chester police's future

    New City of Chester Police Chief Andre' Williams wants his officers to look the part.
    "We need new uniforms," Williams told Chester City Council Monday. "From badges to boots."

  • Teen charged after starting fire in bedroom

    An 18-year-old male was arrested after starting a fire in his bedroom this weekend.
    Great Falls Police Chief Steven Rice said Johnny Sketoe Jr., 18, of 72 Poplar St. was charged with arson, third degree, after an investigation by local and county fire officials and police.
    According to Rice, the Great Falls Fire Department responded to a fire at the Poplar Street house around 1 p.m. Saturday.
    “There was a small fire in the bedroom area,” Rice said.

  • After years of family sacrifice, Bakers say it's time to relax

    Barbara Baker remembers going into labor and being wheeled to the operating room alone.
    Her husband, James, was not by her side when she gave birth to their first child. He was instead, on his way to pick up a deceased man.
    There were countless other nights that Barbara, son, Robert; and daughter, Susan; ate dinner minus one family member. Barbara remembers numerous other times when the family of four got into the car, her husband's pager went off, and the family had to exit the car and go back inside the house.

  • Two arrests made in possession, distribution and trafficking charges

  • Chester man wins $200,000 in lottery

    Hourt Chhiv, owner of By-Pass Convenience, was surprised to learn that his store had sold a $200,000 winning lottery ticket.
    Chhiv said he heard the news Tuesday morning from his beer distributor.
    “I had no idea about it,” Chhiv said.
    Chhiv said he had no clue that his store sold the winning Cash Inferno ticket.
    “We sell a lot of those tickets,” Chhiv said.
    Chhiv said the S.C. Education Lottery has not notified him that his store sold the winning ticket.