Today's News

  • Flu season is in full swing

    As doctor’s offices, urgent care centers and hospitals are seeing, flu season is active, with hospitalization rates close to what they were two years ago. Flu is one of the nation's leading causes of death, with roughly 24,000 people a year dying from flu and its complications. Latest figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show the flu hitting hard in all but seven states.


  • New Chamber board chair wants to "fill up Chester County's glass"

    The new chair of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce pledges to focus her energies on connecting with businesses and showing Chester County students all of the job and career opportunities there are waiting for them on the other side of the schoolhouse doors.

    Abby Brunson, a Global Career Development facilitator with the Chester County School District, took over the gavel from 2017 Board Chair Chris Winters at the Chester County Chamber’s Annual Banquet.

  • District wants to dispel referendum "myths"

    As the day of the voting for the school bond referendum gets closer, the Chester County School District is working to provide as much information to the public as they can about the referendum, which if passed, will authorize the school district to issue bonds up to $38 million for the construction of a new Career and Workforce Development Center and taking care of maintenance issues for almost every school in the district.

  • Oliphant wants someone to preserve the old Pryor School building

    Contractors are clearing and grading land owned by Chester businessman Alex Oliphant along Lancaster Highway in preparation for a new sewer line. One rickety old wooden building stands in their way as an obstacle and Oliphant would like to see someone save it.

    The building is the old Pryor School, which is dated 1898 and has in its time served as a white schoolhouse and a schoolhouse for black children and is one of the early elementary schools in Chester County.

  • School district made "electric lemonade" out of ransomware "lemons"

    UPDATE: As of Monday morning, the Chester County School District reported their computer systems are back up and running. They chose not to pay the ransom demanded by the ransomware hackers and instead rebuilt the system from backups that were already in place.

    A statement issued by the district Monday night said all systems were functional and most services were back online.

  • County approves zoning switch for 840-unit Richburg residential development

    Chester County Council’s agenda for Monday night listed it as a zoning request, but really it was a demonstration of growing pains.

    “We have about zero experience with residential growth. It’s new territory for us and more is coming,” said Councilman Alex Oliphant.

    The council heard some particulars on a much-discussed development that is ultimately expected to bring 840 new rooftops to the Richburg area, specifically a request to rezone some Edgeland Road property from RG-1 (multifamily residential) to RG-2 (general residential).

  • AGAINST THE DOMINION DEAL...Dominion's "Payday loan"

    “You are being offered a Pay-Day-Loan! You will get a $1,000 check today…but the only catch is that you will have to make payments over the next 20 years…totaling $4-5,000.” Do you take the deal?

    As your senator, I beg you. When you see something that looks “too good to be true;” it usually is! Make sure you read the fine print!

  • FOR THE DOMINION DEAL...Building a better future for S.C.

    The proposed partnership between South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) and its parent company, SCANA, with Dominion Energy would benefit all South Carolinians. Once approved, the combination of the two companies would provide rate relief for customers, help community organizations and protect thousands of jobs in the Palmetto State.

    This is very good news for families and communities served by SCE&G, who have seen electric rates dramatically increase in recent years because of the unfinished nuclear power facility at V.C. Summer.

  • Yes*

    When it comes to personal finances, we all have to strike the best balance we can between saving and planning for the future while also addressing our pressing, immediate needs. With this Tuesday’s bond referendum, the Chester County School District is doing the same thing.

  • Lions settle the score with Red Devils

    When his team sat at 2-2 in the region, Lewisville Coach Mike McCray had a team meeting to talk with players about what they wanted out of the rest of their season.

    “I told them it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish,” he said.

    That lesson obviously carried over to Friday. Lewisville trailed rival Great Falls through most of the first three quarters and gave up a late lead, but made some clutch free throws down the stretch to pull out a 55-50 victory.