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  • Woman charged with having sex with inmate, aiding escape


  • Christmas in Chester brings unique holiday experience

    Where can kids (and grownups) go ice-skating, slide down a snow hill and read a book with Mrs. Claus? Only at the 5th annual Christmas in Chester event this Friday and Saturday.

    The Christmas and Chester volunteers, led by Brenda McBrayer, have worked hard to offer some unique holiday experiences this year.

    This year they have even topped last year’s appearance of the snow hill with, what else? An ice skating rink.

  • 120 years of hellos

    It’s just as if someone has been on the phone saying “Hello” for 120 years.

    Local communications giant TruVista Communications celebrated those “120 years of greetings” with a major event at the Gateway Conference Center. During the celebration, the company recognized their long-time loyal customers, but just as important to the health and success of the company, they recognized their long-time loyal employees.

  • ECHO DUI billboards one year later: Has the public gotten the message?

    It was a little more than a year ago that billboards showing the combined might of the law enforcement partners of the ECHO (Empowering Communities for Healthy Outcomes) DUI task force were revealed at some locations around Chester County. The question is, has the public got the message?

    As far as Hazel Pittman Center Prevention Director Melody Reid and ECHO Coordinator Elizabeth Rowe are concerned, yes they have. But even though the message has gotten out, the number of traffic fatalities (many which can be linked to DUI) has gone up.

  • Welcome to the League...Craig called up to NBA's Denver Nuggets

    As a former all-state player in high school, all-conference performer in college and league MVP as professional, Torrey Craig is unaccustomed to sitting on the bench, but he’s probably happy to be doing so right now.

    Craig, who starred at Great Falls High School and USC-Upstate before playing professionally abroad the past few years received a call up to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday morning. He was expected to be on the bench for the team’s game Tuesday night against the Utah Jazz, helping him realize his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.

  • "We're tired of being poor"

    For the first time in 20 years, Chester County may be on the verge of updating its pay scale.

    Last week, County Human Resources Director Hyatte Kelsey told Chester County Council that some county government positions are actually past the maximum range on the pay scale. Chester County has not updated its pay scale since 1997.

    “We try to recruit based on what the scale has listed, but it’s difficult,” Kelsey said.

  • But we repeat ourselves...

    The City of Chester has gotten itself moving in the right direction on several fronts recently…which makes one persistent problem all the more maddening.

  • A good place to be

    “So, I guess you’re going to drive us somewhere way out in woods, in the middle of nowhere to eat lunch,” my wife said Saturday.

    “I sure am!” I answered excitedly.

  • Cycs look to build on last year's success

    The Chester Cyclones boys basketball team only has one starter to replace from last season’s region title winner. Of course, that one starter was a pretty good one.

  • Lions want more this season

    Mike McCray and his Lewisville Lions boys basketball team know what it’s like to play for a state championship. This year, they want to know what it feels like to win one.