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  • Storyteller mixes music, folk tales


    The word ‘bard’ usually makes you think of someone dressed in medieval clothes with a lute or a harp, but in his own way, storyteller Johnny Thomas Fowler is a bard who mixes tall tales with Appalachian-style old-time music. Call him a “bard with a banjo.”

  • Underwood defends truck purchase


    Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood is defending his department’s purchase of a truck, says it was far from being an “extravagant” purchase and said the price was not as high as members of Chester County Council allege.

  • Runoff election coming Tuesday


    One local race and two statewide races will be on the ballot this Tuesday as Chester County voters go to the polls for a runoff election.

  • City council will get cell phones for city business

    In what they say is an effort to keep their private business private and their public business public, members of Chester City Council will be receiving taxpayer-funded cell phones.

  • Prof. Donaldson and Dr. Wright

    When USC history professor Bobby Donaldson wanted someone to give him a tour of some historical African American sites in Chester, he knew just who to ask: he picked long-time local historian, President of the Old Zion St. Paul Halsellville Cemetery Association – OZSPHCA and educational consultant James “Jimmy” Wright.

  • Grave matters

    When local historian Scott Coleman sees something that’s broken or slightly out of true, he just has to fix or restore it.

  • Coleman discovers Chester connections to Virginia Civil War battle

    During a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), local historian Scott Coleman heard mention of a place name that perked his ears up. It was a mention of “the Battle of Trevilian Station” that caught his attention. This was the Civil War battle in which his great-great grandfather David Coleman took part and the one is which his great-great-uncle John L. Coleman, died.

    Coleman has been working tirelessly to get a veterans marker for John L. Coleman that he then wanted to place near the battlefield where he fell.

  • Tuckers found and are safe, 'alive but shook up'

    Charles and Geraldine Tucker of Chester, who were being sought after they turned up missing following a doctor’s appointment in Columbia, have been found and are okay.

    A family member tweeted early Wednesday morning they were "alive but shook up".

    The family later reported that the Tuckers were located driving near Morehead City, N.C. They were stopped by law enforcement and were reported to be okay. They were taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out. The family brought the couple home on Wednesday.

  • UPDATED: Council deducts $84,000 from sheriff's budget

    The Chester County Sheriff’s Department will have $84,000 deducted from its coming fiscal year budget to make up the difference of a truck purchase the department made without going through proper county procurement.

    During a discussion of the coming fiscal year budget, Councilman Joe Branham brought up a purchase made during the current fiscal year. Specifically, Branham said the sheriff’s department purchased a new pick-up truck that cost $64,000 but that total jumped by an additional $20,000 when “all the bells and whistles” were added.

  • Harrison resentenced to life for infamous 1988 murders

    The facts of the murder case against Theodore Harrison Jr. had not changed since 1988. The sentence will not change either.