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  • Chester County Supervisor speaks out on county council issues

    Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart released a statement on Wednesday following the news that Chester County Council is filing a complaint with the S.C. Ethics Commission and the S.C. Attorney General over some payments he authorized and some other alleged mistakes made while in office.

    Stuart's statement reads:

  • Sheriff Dorsey: "We're going to be better cops"

    Chester County Interim Sheriff Max Dorsey met the public recently when the Sheriff’s Department held an Open House drop-in for the community at the Chester County Law Enforcement Center.

    The event was attended by citizens wanting to wish him well, first responders and law enforcement officers from across Chester County that the Chester County Sheriff’s Office routinely interfaces with.

  • UPDATED: Underwood, deputies out on PR bonds on federal charges

    In their first court appearance since being indicted on eight federal counts related to an illegal arrest and alleged cover-up, suspended Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood and two of his former deputies entered not guilty pleas and were granted personal recognizance bonds by Judge Paige Gossett on Tuesday. Because of alleged threats communicated to possible witnesses, though, those bonds came with restrictions.

  • Branham: Stuart OK'd back pay for Magistrate Underwood after suspension from bench

    According to Councilman Joe Branham, a hefty raise to suspended Sheriff Alex Underwood is not the only expenditure approved by Supervisor Shane Stuart outside the knowledge of Chester County Council. It’s not even the only one involving someone named “Underwood.”

  • Fanning shares thoughts on selecting county magistrates

    State Senator Mike Fanning this week announced the appointment of four new people as Chester County Magistrate Judges and the reappointment of Chief Magistrate Judge Angel Underwood. Some questions have been raised in the community about the process of how the new magistrates were chosen, why the Chief Magistrate was not required to go through the same process and several other issues.

    After the S.C. Senate approved the magistrates late Monday afternoon, Fanning gave a telephone interview with The N&R where he addressed many of these concerns.

  • Four new Chester County magistrates appointed

    State Sen. Mike Fanning D-(Chester, Fairfield, York) recommended the appointment of four new magistrates and the reappointment of Chief Magistrate Judge Angel Underwood for Chester County. They were approved by the S.C. Senate on Tuesday.

    According to their calendar, the Senate approved the appointment of:

  • BREAKING NEWS: State ethics commission, attorney general asked to probe Underwood's raise

    “This was an uncomfortable meeting,” said County Councilman Alex Oliphant. “And I think there will be more uncomfortable meetings in the future.”

  • BREAKING NEWS: Unaccounted for money, more unauthorized purchases, talks of "tax evasion" at county budget meeting

    Chester County Council met to discuss the coming fiscal year budget Thursday, but instead spent much of the two-plus hours hearing details of unauthorized purchases, bank accounts that lack oversight and what one councilman said looked like “tax evasion.”

  • From a sprout to a seedling, Roseburg steadily growing

    To use a lumber metaphor that the people of Roseburg Forest Products might be somewhat familiar with, the Chester Engineered Wood plant started as a sprout, and has now grown into a seedling, on it’s way to becoming a full-grown tree. In other words, the Chester site has been at the current location for about a year and a half and is on its way to becoming a full-grown plant.

    The N&R caught up with Chester Engineered Wood plant Manager Mark Allen and Project Director and Director of Engineering Services Jim Salchenberg for an update on the Chester plant.

  • Eyes on the future, names on the dotted line

    More than 180 Chester High School seniors recently inked their names on posters bearing the name of their college or military branch in celebration of their commitment to their future during the annual Academic Signing Day held in the CHS gymnasium.

    College advisor Tiona Thompson gazed out over the graduates seated at the tables with banners representing the colleges with no small sense of pride in their accomplishments, She figured that she had met with every single senior.