Police/Court News

  • 11-year-old Chester Park student brings knife to school, stabs classmate

  • Burglary suspects arrested

    Three arrests have been made in a string of burglaries that took place in Chester County from late January to early February.
    The Chester County Sheriff's Department announced Monday that it had arrested 18 year-old Kiamma Sanders of 789 Charity Road, 18 year-old Nathan Chisolm of 107 MLK Memorial Drive and 23-year-old Derrick Coleman of 710 Charity Road. Sanders and Chisolm were each charged with four counts of first degree burglary and one count each of second degree burglary. Coleman was charged with four counts of first degree burglary.

  • Officers in for a shock

    Officers of the Chester County Sheriffs Department learned a painful lesson on Tuesday.
    Class was in session at the department's training facility on McCandless Road as officers went through a Taser certification class. Tasers are an electroshock weapon that use electric currents to disrupt voluntary control of the muscles. Certification training is only required for use of the devices every other year, but officers in Chester are certified every year.
    The class runs about four hours and covers a variety of subjects.

  • Chester's school resource officers get promoted

    Resource Officers in the Chester County schools offer community policing at its best, said Chester County Sheriff Richard Smith.
    “It gives us a chance to get into the schools and the young people see we're not that bad,” Smith said. “Part of community policing is that when they see us outside of the schools we've already built that contact and established a relationship with them.”
    Chester County Schools Superintendent Dr. Thomas Graves echoed the sheriff's sentiment.

  • Victorian Hills residents organize neighborhood Crime Watch

    Chester County Sheriff Richard Smith and a half-dozen of his staff met with Victorian Hills residents Tuesday to help organize a neighborhood crime watch group.
    More than 25 concerned members of the community attended the 6 p.m. meeting at the Lewisville Community Library. The sheriff stated the sole purpose for this important gathering.
    “Our goal here tonight is to prevent crime and help y'all from being victims,” Smith said.
    Maj. Calvin Reynolds addressed the crowd and explained why the crime watch program is important to him.

  • Lewis Fire Department gets lower ISO rating

    The Lewis Fire Department has received a lower ISO rating which in turn will help lower homeowners' insurance rates beginning May 1, said Fire Chief Robbie Huey.
    An analysis of the Lewis structural fire suppression delivery system resulted in a Public Protection Classification 6 rating, Huey said. The fire department's current rating is class 9. The lower number will mean a more than $100 savings on homeowners' insurance starting in the spring.

  • Man robbed, shot in head at convenience store

    A Lancaster man was shot above his left eye after three men robbed him at a gas station near the intersection of S.C. Highway 9 and Interstate 77 on Saturday, according to a Chester County Sheriff's report. The incident happened around 9 p.m.

  • New detention center will require more staff

    The new, expanded Chester County Detention Center, will require a slightly expanded staff.
    Following a lengthy executive session Monday, the Chester County Council emerged and announced that, according to the State Department of Corrections, the new facility would need a projected staff of 49.5. County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey said the staff would not have to grow quite that large so long as the inmate population stays at its current level.

  • Fort Lawn mayor notes first month changes

  • City combating gang problem

    Chester has a problem with gangs, but the city now has someone dedicated to helping combat them.
    Cpl. Keith Kelly has been working with the Chester Police Department for nearly three years and assumed his duties as a gang officer in October.
    Back in 2002, Kelly was working elsewhere as a school resource officer. That experience got him interested in learning more about gangs.
    "I saw stuff happening at the middle school," Kelly said. "Students wearing one pants leg rolled up, things like that that looked odd."