Police/Court News

  • Man robs gas station, restaurant at gunpoint

    The Chester County Sheriff's Department continues to search for a man they say robbed a gas station and fast food restaurant on Thursday night.

  • Man wounded as shot fired at party

    Another in a recent string of shootings took place in Chester County on Sunday.
    According to a release from the Chester County Sheriff's Department, deputies were dispatched to Richburg Road around 12:35 a.m. Deputies were advised through dispatch that a complainant said someone had starting shooting into the air with a firearm of some kind at his party. The first deputy on the scene did note that as he arrived a large group of people were attempting to leave the area.

  • One arrest made in beating/kidnapping

    A man managed to escape from the trunk of his own car where he was bound and gagged last week.
    According to reports from the Chester County Sheriff's Department, the Chester Police Department was given a fight call on Pine Street. After their investigation, it was determined the incident originated at 576 Roundtree Circle, at which point the Sheriff's Department became involved.

  • Shot fired into grandmother's door

    A Johnston Road grandmother told the Chester County Sheriff's Office that someone fired at least one shot into her home Tuesday night.
    The incident happened sometime after 7 p.m. The victim told deputies she was inside her residence when she heard the sound of "several" gun shots. According to incident reports, the woman went outside to check on things, but did not see see anyone around. However, she did see a bullet hole in her front door. The woman's grandson and two other people were also inside the house at the time of the shooting.

  • Moodys get life sentences for murder

    Jeremy and Christine Moody asked for mercy and leniency Tuesday when they pleaded guilty to a double murder, but as he exited the courtroom, he could not resist the opportunity to get a final barb into family members of the victims.
    After receiving life prison sentences, Christine Moody was led from the courtroom first, followed by Jeremy Moody. When Jeremy Moody reached the jury box where all the media was seated, he stopped, turned toward the family of Charles and Gretchen Parker and yelled, "Goodbye perverts. That's what perverts get."  

  • Man leads deputies on chase, facing drug charges

    A Chester man arrested on drug charges late Saturday night allegedly fought with officers as they tried to arrest him.

  • Deputy deploys taser

    Chester County Sheriff's Deputies used a Taser on a man Tuesday after he allegedly resisted arrest.
    According to incident reports, deputies responded to a call from a woman who said a man had been threatening her. She said she'd been hiding from the man for several days "due to his recent acts of rage" which included death threats. The man allegedly saw her car at a residence and began to text her saying that she had driven him to be a killer and that he would kill her and everyone else with her.

  • Man allegedly shoots into ex-wife's car

    The Chester County Sheriff's Department is investigating an incident of a man trying to shoot his ex-wife as she pulled up to a stop sign.

  • Judge denies order in 911 case

    Judge Knox McMahon has denied a motion filed by Chester County in its suit against Sheriff Alex Underwood seeking to take control of 911 away from him.
    Chester County filed a motion recently asking the court "to reconsider the order granting Defendant's motion for leave to file an amended declaratory judgment and order granting SCACEE's (South Carolina Association of Countywide Elected Executives) motion for leave to file an amicus brief."

  • Armed, fake police officers threaten to "ram" man's door

    An Edgemoor resident says two men, at least one of whom was armed, came to his home last week impersonating police officers.
    At approximately 1 p.m. last Wednesday, two men allegedly knocked on the door of a Wylie Mills Road man. When the man answered the door, one of the two suspects introduced himself and his cohort as being police officers. He said the two wanted to come inside the man's home but apparently did not state a purpose for wanting to do so.