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  • UPDATED: Baldwin denied bond in wife's murder

    Saying various allegations presented to him in letters from family members were “concerning,” Judge Paul Burch denied bond for James Harold “Jamie” Baldwin Friday, pending an “expedited” mental competency exam.

    Baldwin has been held at the Chester County Detention Center since August 14 on charges that he murdered his wife, Judy Baldwin.

  • Bond hearing comes Thursday for accused murderer Baldwin

    Two months after he was charged with murdering his wife, James Harold “Jamie” Baldwin will appear in court for a bond hearing.

    Baldwin was arrested on August 14. Sixth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Candice Lively told The News & Reporter at the time that the arrest came after the Chester Grand Jury true-billed his indictment, which means the Grand Jury saw sufficient evidence to believe that Baldwin likely committed the crime. Sixth Circuit Solicitor Randy Newman said a true bill indictment requires the support of at least 12 of 18 grand jurors.

  • Murder trial begins for Stewart, Roscoe

    After almost a full year of delays, the murder trial of two Chester men has finally commenced in Horry County.

  • Childs dismissed from Bain lawsuit

    Circuit Judge Brian Gibbons has dismissed attorney Ken Childs from the defamation and civil conspiracy lawsuit brought by Chester County School Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain against Childs and school board chair Denise Lawson.

    In an order signed and filed at the Chester County Courthouse on Oct. 4, Judge Gibbons granted Childs’ motion to dismiss him from the claim of defamation brought against him by Bain.

  • Chester men charged in Myrtle Beach murder go to trial Monday

    After almost a full year of delays, the murder trial of two Chester men is scheduled to commence on Monday.

    Meleke Stewart and Broderick Roscoe (both 18 at the time and both former Chester High student athletes) were arrested in connection with the shooting death of Alton Daniels of Shallotte, N.C. in 2014. According to a statement from the Myrtle Beach Police Department at the time, Daniels was murdered in the early morning hours on June 16, where the victim and suspects met, in the 800 block of Yaupon Drive in Myrtle Beach. Daniels was found shot to death in his vehicle.

  • Bagley wants out of Slayman lawsuit

    Educational consultant Betty Bagley, who was retained by the Chester County School District to create the document that detailed the alleged hostile workplace created at the school district by former Superintendent Dr. Agnes Slayman, has asked the court to dismiss her from a lawsuit filed by the former superintendent.

    Bagley is named as a co-defendant in an allegation of civil conspiracy, along with former interim Superintendent Dr. Keith Callicutt, former school district executive Dr. Charles King, and school board members Denise Lawson and Dr. Rick Hughes.

  • Judge will hear motions in Bain lawsuit today

    Circuit Judge Brian Gibbons will hear arguments for and against motions in the lawsuit filed by Chester County Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain against school board chair Denise Lawson and Ken Childs, an attorney who has been employed in the past by the school district.

    The lawsuit against Lawson and Childs alleges defamation and civil conspiracy.

    Childs filed a motion in August to strike certain portions or dismiss entirely the lawsuit brought against himself. Attorneys representing Lawson filed a similar motion

  • Florence delays King case

    After months of stops and starts, the lawsuit questioning Chester City Councilman William King’s eligibility to hold office has hit another stop.

  • Two arrested on drug, weapons, child neglect charges
  • Bond granted for man charged with homicide by child abuse

    “The tragedy is, she could have been saved,” said Sixth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Candice Lively.

    Lively was referring to two-year-old Khloe Adams of Chester, who died from a blunt force trauma injury to her stomach on November 1 last year. Her father, Darryl Quantravis Wilson of Rock Hill, has been in jail on charges of homicide by child abuse since February, but that is subject to change after he was granted a bond by Judge Thomas Russo in a hearing Monday morning.