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  • CHRISTMAS: Different groups get together for bike drives

    "Chris Hoskins? I love him," says Robert Johnson, Chester City Police's Community officer.

    Hoskins, Johnson says, has a big heart and does a lot for the kids of the city of Chester, not just at Christmas time, but throughout the year.

    Hoskins owns the Auction Barn in Edgemoor. His customers the past month have come together, buying items Hoskins sells, food his wife makes, or donating items to be auctioned, to raise money to buy bicycles to be donated to children in need.

  • CHRISTMAS: Darby display is Chester County's Yuletide gateway


    With a pause, he answers, "Oh, probably about five years."

    How long have he and his wife and family been putting up the Christmas decoration that serves as Chester County's holiday "gateway" on S.C. Highway 9, just west of Interstate 77, he was asked. Then he picks his mallet up and renews his hammering of a massive metal stake into the ground.

  • Enroll in Part D through Dec. 31

    Open enrollment for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and the Medicare Advantage program began runs through Dec. 31. During this period, new enrollees can sign up for coverage and existing members may change or drop their existing coverage. There is a great deal to consider before choosing among 56 options for Part D and 203 for Medicare Advantage.

  • Man falls from train, is killed

    A body was found in Chester County, about 1.2 miles south of Meadowbrook Crossing on Friday morning.

    Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker said the body was found by railroad workers at 9:30 a.m. Friday. Tinker said the cause of death was head trauma.

    No name was immediately released, Tinker said, because he had not been able to locate any next-of-kin. Finding relatives may be difficult because the man is believed to be an

    illegal alien from Mexico.

    Tinker said he found some basic identification nearby, but isn't sure it belongs to the man or is even accurate.

  • Clinic finally home

    It took five years and four locations, but the Good Samaritan Medical Clinic finally has a home.

    The clinic was formerly located on Saluda Street but has recently been relocated to Church Street.

    "The new location makes it easier for patients to get here," said John Hart, executive director of the clinic. "The Church Street location is more adaptable to patient care."

    The inside of the building provides a state- of- the-art clinic and doctor's office with numerous patient rooms.

  • CHRISTmAS: Santa letters not just cute

    I hope what I suspect is not true. I hope that you take the time to read our Santa Letters special edition that we include in today's paper.

    What I suspect is I'm the only one who reads them all.

    It used to be that Marissa, our typesetter, had to read every single one as she typed them up.

    Now, many come in e-mails and I helped her type up a bundle.

    I think we got one bundle twice, because some letters I read at the end were very familiar.

    But I have to read every single one of them.

  • CHRISTMAS: City workers give during holidays

    During a recent trip to an area nursing home there is one request that City of Chester Recreation Department employee Margaret Foote wouldn't grant.

    "They wanted us to sing," Foote said. "But we got out of that."

    "They'd have been running for the exits if they heard us," said Recreation Director Jack Sink.

    While Christmas caroling may not be in their future, Sink, Foote and the rest of the recreation department has embraced another tradition of the season; giving.

  • CHRISTMAS: The Cat in the Santa hat

    A new baby and a slightly irritated cat in a Santa hat add up to what?

    Well, for a stay-at home mom with an eye for photography, it meant $1,000.

    Erin Smith won a $500 gift card to a pet store and $500 cash from Lite 102.9 in its Christmas Pet photo contest on Monday.

    Back in October, Smith, 23, took a picture of her then-9-month-old daughter Kagan in a gift box with Kitty Mittens, the cat they had bought for the child's 9-month birthday. For the picture, she put a Santa hat on the cat, plopped child and kitty into a gift box.

  • CHURCH CALENDAR week of 12/21

    Calvary Baptist

    • Christmas cantata, morning worship service, Sunday.

    • Christmas drama, 5 p.m. Sunday, fellowship hall. Santa Claus visit with gifts for all.

    Capers Chapel UMC

    • Christmas cantata, 9:45 a.m. Sunday.

    • Advent Bible study, 3 p.m. Sunday.

    • Christmas communion drop-in, 5 to 6:30 p.m. Monday.

    Cedar Rock Baptist

    Church celebration, Sunday, Dec. 30. Sunday school, 10:30 a.m.; service, 11:30 a.m. The Rev. Johnny L. Margan, speaker.

    Chester ARP

  • BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Drug unit arrests 13 during early morning sweep

    At least 13 people were arrested in an early morning drug sweep, including at least one man charged just weeks ago.

    Some of those arrested are already out on bond, charged with other offenses.

    The Chester County Drug Enforcement Unit made the arrests Thursday morning, according to Detective Scott Thompson.

    Thompson said the DEU had arrested 13 people but had one additional search to conduct, so further arrests were possible.

    One of the areas targeted included the Eureka Mill Village. Two houses were searched there, resulting in two arrests, Thompson said.