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  • Chamber honors Davis, McCain

    The Chester County Chamber of Commerce honored the late Tommy Davis during the chamber's 50th annual celebration Thursday at the Chester War Memorial Building.

    The award was presented to the Davis' widow, Patricia McClurkin Davis.

    The chamber also announced plans to start an annual scholarship at Chester High School in Davis' memory.

    Davis, a community leader in Chester County, died July 28, 2007, in a car accident.

    He enjoyed taking rides and watching the food channels, according to his daughter, Nikki Davis Young.

  • Volunteers clean up Mt. Hebron cemetery: About 30 pass up a day off to work

    It's probably not a coincidence that Chester Mayor Mitch Foster called Monday's clean-up of Mount Hebron Cemetery "a great event."

    Just a few days earlier, Foster evoked a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., telling everyone in attendance at Chester's City Council meeting that "everyone can be great, because everyone can serve."

    Foster pointed out that members of King's family have said the best way to honor Dr. King is to be of some service on the holiday that bears his name. With that in mind, Foster asked for people to volunteer to clean up the old cemetery.

  • County ranks 3rd for jobless

    South Carolina's unemployment rate rose sharply in December from 5.9 percent to 6.6 percent, the State Employment Security Com-mission reported last week.

    Chester County's unemployment rate rose, but it remained ranked third worst in the state for the second month in a row. The county's ranking of third worst followed four consecutive months where the county ranked or was tied for the second highest unemployment among South Carolina's 46 counties.

  • Lawyer appointed to research IBT suit

    The U.S. Supreme Court appointed a San Francisco lawyer to research the state of South Carolina's suit against the state of North Carolin over the latter state's approval of a tranfer of millions of gallons of water a day from the Catawba River basin.

    The Supreme Court appointed Kristin Linsley Myles as a Special Master in the Catawba River litigation (South Carolina v North Carolina).

  • WEB FINAL: Huckabee takes Chester, but trails McCain statewide

    Huckabee wins county, McCain takes state

    By Stephen Guilfoyle


    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won Chester County, but U.S. Sen. John McCain took South Carolina in the Republican Presidential Preference Primary held Saturday.

    McCain came in second in Chester County.eeee

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Some information on where to vote

    The S.C. Republican Party will hold its presidential preference primary from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.

    The state Election Commission issued the following advisory for people about the election.

    Q. Where do I vote?

    A. Your precinct and polling place are listed on your voter registration card. However, polling places change from time to time and some counties have consolidated polling places specifically for the presidential primaries. Your precinct is the geographical area you live in; your polling place is the location where you vote.

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Anti-McCain flyer sent to Chester County UPDATE

    An interest group tried to make Chester County another page in South Carolina’s reputation as a hotbed of political dirty tricks.

    A group calling itself Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sent a two page mailer to The News & Reporter last week. With shades of the group that questioned U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s military service in the 2004 presidential campaign, this flyer targeted U.S. Sen. John McCain, alleging he is using his time spent as a prisoner of war as a sympathy ploy to gain votes, along with other accusations about McCain’s storied military service.

  • County pulls troubled road into system: But is it already there?

    Chester County Council voted two weeks ago to officially pull the oft-flooded Raxter Road into its road system.

    But the road, according to some, is already there.

    In or out, the county applied last year, received and has spent the first phase of a federal grant to get a fix for the road. Every time it rains heavily, Tinkers Creek floods, closing the road. There is a box culvert on the road that can't handle the floods.

    In Thanksgiving 2006, rains closed the road for three days. In March of 2007, it was again closed for more than a day,

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: NAACP wants primaries monitored

    The Justice Department may observe the presidential preference primaries in Chester County at the behest of the local chapter of the NAACP and the election commission.

    In October of last year, Earl Moore, executive director of the County Voter Registration and Election Commission, proposed a plan to consolidate some polling places. The move was made, Moore said, because the Republican and Democratic parties opted to have their respective primaries on separate days (Jan. 19 and 26 respectively).

  • 5 county teachers receive national certification

    Five Chester County teachers were added to the state's list of nationally board certified teachers.

    A sixth teacher, no longer with the district earned the qualification while teaching in Chester County schools.

    The state last month said teacher quality efforts in South Carolina were boosted when the state learned that 650 teachers had achieved National Board certification, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

    The five teachers now in Chester County join 44 educators in the district who already had received the certification.