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  • Husband, wife injured in motorcycle collision

    A husband and wife riding a motorcycle were injured in a collision late Monday afternoon.

    David Barber of Chester, the motorcycle rider, was injured and flown by helicopter to a hospital out of county. Helicopters were sent from both Charlotte and Spartanburg, and it is not known which arrived first.

    Barber's wife Debby was riding behind him and was also taken by ambulance from the accident scene.

    Bob Desrosiers was also out riding his motorcycle Monday, a couple of car lengths behind behind the Barbers.

  • 2007 review wrap up

    It is no surprise that our online voters believe the death of Logan Tinsley and the county's reaction to it was the biggest news story of 2007.

    I think our paper covered it extensively without overdoing it. There was his return, the funeral arrangements that we had to announce. Then there was the funeral, the first wartime military funeral in Chester County since Vietnam.

  • WEB UPDATE: Parent company of The N&R exploring sale

    UPDATE: The Virginian-Pilot reports that Landmark CEO Frank Batten Jr. decided in November to sell the company, and the board did not object.

  • 'Global' giant just a shadow here

    Once-mighty Springs Industries is just a shadow of itself in Lancaster and Chester counties.

    For years, the Fort Mill-based company, now called Springs Global, was the largest employer in Lancaster, Chester and York counties. It was also the largest taxpayer in South Carolina.

    At its peak about 20 years ago, the company employed 17,000 people in South Carolina, more people than any other company.

    But as 2007 comes to a close, those jobs have dwindled to just a mere fraction of what it had at the height of the company's North American textile dominance.

  • Chester's old firetruck now at State Museum

    For a few months, Delano will come to life again. This time, the fictional town will be located within the walls of the State Museum instead of on the hill in downtown Chester.

    The museum will begin running a special exhibit next Saturday entitled "Hollywood Comes to South Carolina". One of the centerpieces of the exhibit will be artifacts from the 1983 mini-series "Chiefs" which was filmed primarily in Chester.

  • Primary plan OK'd by Justice

    Proposed consolidation of some polling places in Chester County for the upcoming Republican and Democratic Presidential Preference Primaries has been approved by U.S. Department of Justice.

    Earl Moore, executive director of the County Voter Registration and Election Commission, received a letter Thursday that says, "The Attorney General does not interpose any objection to the specified changes." It came from the from the acting chief of the Voting Rights Section.

  • 2007: A look back in pictures.

    It was a year ago Jan. 3 that Logan Tinsley was returned home to Chester County for his funeral. The N&R was there. His funeral was held three days later. Voters in an online poll said his funeral and the reaction to his death was the top news story of 2007.

    Here are some slideshows to help you get a pictorial look back at this story and the rest of 2007.

    The N&R was there when Logan Tinsley was brought home.

  • 2007 Newsmakers: Service men, women came to forefront

    It went by many unnoticed until the very end of 2006 and throughout 2007.

    But more than 38 people connected to Chester County, most born and bred here, have volunteered to serve their country.

    While the War against Terrorism has been waging since 2001, in Afghanistan, and 2003, in Iraq, Chester County had been spared up until the last year.

    But it took the Dec. 26, 2006 death of Spc. D. Logan Tinsley of Chester to bring the war squarely home to Chester County.

  • Body identified

    Chester County officials have identified a man whose body was found on a railroad bed two weeks ago.

    At about 9:30 a.m. Dec. 21, railroad workers found a body near some railroad tracks near Meadowbrook Crossing. One of the man's legs had apparently been sheared off by a train, and he had either been dragged by the train or had tried to hang on, Sheriff Robbie Benson said.

  • 2007: The Top 10 Chester County Sports Stories (Nos. 1-5)

    The News & Reporter has ranked the top 10 sports stories for 2007. Numbers 6 through 10 appeared in Friday's edition. This is the continuation of the list.1. Cyclones were a different team

    As he stood on the sidelines of Chester's practice field watching the team go through its first practice of the year, former Cyclone player Neek Emerson made an observation.

    "There's something different about this team," Emerson said.