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  • FILING UPDATE: More candidates emerge

    Additional candidates are emering for the local 2008 general elections.

    As The N&R reported Wednesday, the District 3, 4 and 6 seats on County Council will be on the ballot in November, as well as three constitutional offices -- Chester County Sheriff, Coroner and Clerk of Court.ouncil will be on the ballot.

    Since that story, Councilman Alex Oliphant, who currently holds the District 6 seat, has said he will run for re-election. He will get an official announcement to the newspaper soon, he said.

  • WEB FINAL: Cancer claims Jim Bruce

    Former Chester County Coun-cilman Jim Bruce died early Wednesday morning, and friends and associates say they are devastated.

    Family members say he suffered from a long illness and his death ends his pain.

    Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker confirmed that Bruce died early Wednesday morning of cancer.

    Bruce was a councilman from 2003 to 2006.

    He succumbed to an extended illness, said his wife, Carol Bruce.

    Friends said he didn't look well when they saw him in recent weeks.

  • Synsil plant shuts down

    The Synsil plant was idle Tuesday, no cars in the parking lot, no trains on its rail spurs. The beeping of a fork lift could be heard in the distance, drifting across Beltline Road from another plant to the west.

    But next to the Synsil office, the only sound at a plant that was to run seven days a week, 365 days a year, a plant that was going to help revolutionize the glass industry, was the wind rattling a gutter and a cricket chirping.

    The plant has apparently shut its doors.

  • '08 election candidates lining up: Tinker's statement on filing to run for county coroner

    Terry D. Tinker is running for Chester County Coroner.

    "I have learned a lot and spent a lot of time learning the functions and responsiblities of the Coroner's Office," in his time in office.

    Tinker said he is no stranger to public service. He was appointed Coroner June 2005.

    Prior to that, he served as a firefighter and the assistant fire chief in Chester County for more than 25 years. He was involved in Chester County Rescue Squad and assisted Chester County Coroner O.L. Stroud.

  • Session held to inform local jobless

    News of the possible closure of another plant in Chester County comes as several local agencies got together to hold an information session for people out of work.

    The Chester County Adult Education office was organizing much of the seminar, held Tuesday night at Chester Middle School.

    Mike Wessinger, head of the Chester Connector bus service, said he was asked to come to the seminar Tuesday night. He was to make a brief presentation about helping people get to work through the Connector, a transportation service spun off from Senior Services last year.

  • '08 election candidates lining up: Three council, three county offices to be on ballot

    Three seats on Chester County Council will be on the ballot in November, as well as three constitutional offices -- Chester County Sheriff, Coroner and Clerk of Court.

    Sheriff Robby Benson has said he will run for re-election.

    Coroner Terry Tinker has filed to run for the seat to which he was appointed in 2005.

    Chester County Council District 4, held by Tommy Martin, Council District 3, held by Joe Branham, and District 6, held by Alex Oliphant are on the ballot. Martin has served a full-four year term. Branham and Oliphant are filling out other terms.

  • VIDEO & STORY: Former gang member inspires students
  • Foster declines pay for administrative duties

    Chester Mayor Mitch Foster has declined an offer to receive payment for additional duties he has assumed at city hall since the resignation of David Mobley as city administrator in November.

    In January, Chester City Council voted unanimously to pay Foster a $500 a week stipend for taking on some duties the city's administrator would normally handle. At the time, Foster agreed to accept the money, but at Monday's meeting he said he would "like to respectfully decline the stipend."

    Foster said he was unsure of the legality of the payment.

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: City implements fines at Evergreen Cemetery

    Chester City Council's vote to institute a $100 fine to funeral homes that do not follow normal protocol when it comes to burials at Evergreen Cemetery has gone into effect.

    Last June, the council heard from public works director Raymond Douglas, who said funeral homes were calling him during off-hours to mark graves. Douglas said he was sometimes called just hours before a funeral was to take place.

    "We are called out quite often," Douglas said then. "Sometimes it is two or three times a month."

    Public Works office hours are 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • UPDATE: Great Falls fire captain charged with arson

    Great Falls Fire Capt. David Dutton was arrested Tuesday and charged with arson.

    Chester County law enforcement officials also consider Dutton a person of interest in two other fires.

    An arrest warrant from the S.C. Law Enforcement Division said David Allen Dutton of 10 Farrow St. was charged with third degree arson.