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  • Parents, preachers and teachers pray around the pole

    Prayers for students, teachers and administrators sounded around the flagpoles at all three schools in Great Falls around 5 p.m. Sunday evening.

    About 40 people including students, parents, grandparents, ministers and others who just wanted to join in prayer gathered at the schools to join in a prayer of faith.

    The music teacher at Great Falls Elementary School joined in the time of prayer.

    “I think it’s wonderful,” music teacher Eric Green said.

  • Long celebrated as the ‘spark’ of Axis 1 achievements


    The People-Sentinel

    BARNWELL –  Cheryl Azouri Perry Long created the spark which would become Axis 1 44 years ago and fanned the flame which became a guiding light for those impacted by alcoholism, drug addiction, hunger, poverty, sexual issues and abuse.

  • Team wins 'Top Fundraiser Award'
  • Emergency services building hope
  • Prepare for ‘Thrifting in the Falls’

    Great Falls is getting a thrift store.

    And if all goes as planned, the store will be open to customers in the fall.

    The GRASP Thrift Shop is part of the vision the GRASP board of directors has for the future of the community service project.

    GRASP Volunteer Jennifer Shelton will serve as the thrift store manager. In March, Shelton and husband Lonnie Shelton began working on the buildings GRASP purchased in late 2017.

    GRASP owns three buildings, a lean-to and a lot at 601, 602, 603 and 604 Dearborn St.

  • A roof, a floor and a smiling senior

    Christine McManus is accustomed to welcoming guests to her Wildwood Road home. She has housed a young teenage boy who had nowhere to go and once opened her spare bedroom so a newly married couple could stay with her.

    McManus, 96, exemplifies Southern hospitality and a caring, compassionate Christian heart.

    The Bible, in Galatians 6:7-9 says “whatsoever a man soweth, that shallhe also reap.”

    McManus is now reaping rewards for the good deeds she has done for others.

  • Where there is water, people will come

    Put on your old clothes, grab a paintbrush and ladder and get ready to make a difference.

    Your time and skills are needed.

    The Great Falls Home Town Association is looking for volunteers to help spruce up the downtown area.

    “We’re trying to get prepared for tourists coming here and they are going to come whether we’re prepared or not,” GFHTA Executive Director Glinda Coleman said.

    “And we want them to come,” GFHTA Board Chairman Mike Vaughn added.

  • ‘Blitz’ to give away, install fire alarms


    PIO at GFFD

    On Saturday, July 28, the Great Falls Fire Department along with the American Red Cross will team up with the SC State Fire Marshall’s Office, the SC State Guard and other volunteers to install smoke alarms in residences in and around Great Falls.

  • Woman passes away after car accident

    Eight days after she was seriously injured in a hit-and-run automobile accident, a local woman has passed away.

    Sara Fort Ferguson died Monday, July 16, at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill. She was 81.

    Her son Charlie and daughters Lynn and Laura were with her when she passed away.

    “She loved hearing all the kind comments from those of you on Facebook and appreciated the calls and visits,” her son wrote on social media.

  • Two men arrested in Rock Hill shooting incident

    Two Great Falls men have been arrested in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in York County on Sunday, July 15.

    According to the York County Detention Center and York County Sheriff’s Office, Austin Reed Pearson, 22, of Great Falls was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery, attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and criminal conspiracy. He is being held on a $52,500 bond.