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  • Agencies help respond to 'Hurricane Vince'

    Great Falls was wiped out by tornadoes spawned by Hurricane Vince last week.

    You didn't miss the heavy winds and rains however. It was all part of a drill.

    Chester County Emergency Management, the county Fire Service, the Great Falls police and fire departments and the county CERT teams participated in the drill on Tuesday, to test the county's ability to respond to a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Hugo 20 years ago.

  • Virginia man cries foul: Says he intends to buy mill

    The Virginia man who has agreed to buy the Republic Mill No. 2 is angry that Chester County Council has expressed preference for another bidder, and says he will "protect" his investments as much as he can.

    Donald Saulsgiver has not responded to a message left for him Tuesday.

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  • Battle of Beckhamville Friday in Great Falls

    From release

    A limner will be on hand at the Battle of Beckhamville, as well as a refugee from France who is a lace merchant, a broom maker, a tombstone carver and a man who "makes" salt.

    The broom maker and salt maker are self-explanatory and the Frenchman, self described as "arrogant," will delight all with his haughty French ways, but what is a limner? A limner, draws, paints and outlines in clear, sharp detail.

  • Washington not sworn in as Great Falls Councilman

    Three new members of Great Falls Town Council were to be sworn in Monday night at a special meeting, Just two were.

    Three new members were elected in April to full, four-year terms and were to be sworn in at a meeting at 5 p.m. June 2.

    Darryl Washington, Jimmy Williams and Joyce Autry were the top vote-getters in the April election, which featured six other candidates, including an incumbent who was unseated.

  • Residents sign petition for group seeking mill VIDEO
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  • Town wants cut of impounds

    A long discussed plan to handle impounded cars may be reaching a conclusion in Great Falls.

    Great Falls Town Council voted last week to further research a plan to enter into a partnership with a local business. That business would store the vehicles for a portion of the money collected.

    Currently, when a person is arrested and their car towed, the city uses a number of wrecker services on a rotating basis. If the car is never claimed, according to Great Falls Police Chief Mike Revels, it is the wrecker services that ultimately benefit.

  • EXCLUSIVE: 2nd group wants Mill 2 for hotel, senior living

    A group of investors has made an ambitious proposal to turn the old Republic Mill No. 2 into a senior assisted living center and a hotel complex.

    But the Chester County Forfeited Land Commission has told the group no, saying it already made an agreement, in 2006, to sell the mill to another group.

    The mill is now an eyesore on Dearborn Street. The mill has housed a couple of other manufacturing operations since closing in the early 1980s but has sat vacant since the '90s.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Council: Commercial only zoning for mill

    The Great Falls Town Council doesn't want No. 2 to be a repeat of No. 3.

    The council voted Monday to ask that the No. 2 mill property be rezoned from Industrial (I-1) to Commercial (C-1).

    Mayor H.C. Starnes said the switch would protect the town from having a small company come in and set up shop in the No. 2 mill. Two years ago the No. 3 mill caught fire, forcing an evacuation of much of the town. A small company that recycled plastics was using the building.