• MaryGail Douglas bids farewell to State House

    State Rep. MaryGail Douglas, whose District 41 includes a portion of Chester County, stepped to the front of the S.C. House Chamber on Tuesday to address her farewell remarks to her colleagues. Douglas has served in the House for six years. She was defeated on June 12 in the Democratic Primary by Fairfield County School Board member Annie McDaniel, who ran unsuccessfully against her in 2012 for the same seat.

  • UPDATED: Sheriff relinquishes control of the animal shelter

    For many years, whoever held the office of Chester County sheriff had control of the Chester County Animal Shelter. That changed as of July 1.

    On Monday, Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart announced that Sheriff Alex Underwood had willingly relinquished control of the shelter, which will now fall back under the purview of Chester County. The move came after a group of animal welfare advocates filed suit in March on the grounds that state law and local ordinances do not expressly allow a sheriff to control or operate an animal shelter.

  • County adding full-time rec director

    Chester County already invests in public recreation and now it will be investing in a full-time public recreation director.

  • UPDATED: Council deducts $84,000 from sheriff's budget

    The Chester County Sheriff’s Department will have $84,000 deducted from its coming fiscal year budget to make up the difference of a truck purchase the department made without going through proper county procurement.

    During a discussion of the coming fiscal year budget, Councilman Joe Branham brought up a purchase made during the current fiscal year. Specifically, Branham said the sheriff’s department purchased a new pick-up truck that cost $64,000 but that total jumped by an additional $20,000 when “all the bells and whistles” were added.

  • Wilson talks role of AG office, trafficking in Chester visit

    It has helped bring business and growth to Chester County, but U.S. Interstate 77 also brings drugs and human traffickers through Chester County.

    Recently, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R), who is running for re-election, paid a visit to Chester County. He said most people know his job entails being the state’s chief legal officer, but he said it is much more than that.

    “Every day is like a box of chocolates,” he said, borrowing a quote from Forrest Gump. “You never know what you’re going to get.”

  • Primaries on tap for Tuesday

    From Chester County Council representation to who will be the next occupant of the Governor’s Mansion, voters will have a lot of decisions to make as they head to the polls for primary voting on Tuesday.

  • Impact fee study will cost county $40,000

    Chester County doesn’t yet know what sort of charges will be assessed to developers through impact fees but they do know how much they’ll be charged for a study on impact fees.

  • Housing and repair questions dominate at Chester Talk Back

    Note: In Part II of this article about the latest Chester Talk Back session, the questions ranged from access to grants and loans for neighborhood stabilization, to how the same housing program being carried out by the i58 organization in Chester can be applied elsewhere in the county.


    The floor was opened for questions following the introduction of the Talk Back panelists who were mainly in organizations that dealt with the twin topics of housing and neighborhood stabilization.

  • Zoning for new Richburg residential project passes

    It will not single-handedly solve Chester County’s housing problems, but it will be a big step in the right direction.

  • Citizens "Talk Back" on housing issues

    The fourth version of the Chester Talk Back sessions was all about housing and how to best utilize local state and federal resources to stabilize a neighborhood, and what kind of resources were out there to help with the task.

    The tone of the session was set by two questions on a poster that was placed at the back of the Chester County Council chambers where Talk Back took place: ‘What is a way to improve housing in Chester?’ and ‘What is the most important housing need in Chester?’