• "We're tired of being poor"

    For the first time in 20 years, Chester County may be on the verge of updating its pay scale.

    Last week, County Human Resources Director Hyatte Kelsey told Chester County Council that some county government positions are actually past the maximum range on the pay scale. Chester County has not updated its pay scale since 1997.

    “We try to recruit based on what the scale has listed, but it’s difficult,” Kelsey said.

  • Sheriff's Department requests $63,000 budget amendment

    Chester County may have no choice but to spend nearly $63,000 not currently in its budget for digital storage for the Sheriff’s Department.

  • County looking to rework animal tethering law

    Chester County appears ready to rewrite its animal tethering ordinances after complaints that current ordinances are overly broad and largely unenforceable.

  • Councilwoman wants properties committee folded

    Chester City Council reinstated committees earlier this year but one member of council would like to see at least one of them disappear.

  • Stuart briefs Richburg Town Council

    Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart provided a briefing at their November meeting to the members of Richburg Town Council (following their swearing-in ceremony) on some issues facing the county.

    Stuart spoke first about the planned housing subdivision that developers want to locate off of S.C. Highway 901 (Edgeland Road). The project is 830 single-family homes, averaging about 6,000 sq. ft. and with prices of $200,000 and up.

  • Doomsday Scenario

    While most of its citizens went on about their business without knowing it, Chester County, along with most of the United States, was hit with a simulated cyber attack-fueled power outage Wednesday as part of the “Grid X” or “GridEx” preparedness exercise. While Chester County citizens worked, played, slept or were in school or commuting, county government representatives were planning what they would do in the event the attack and power outage became real and not just simulated.

  • City catching up on past due audits

    There may be some bad news included when the City of Chester’s actual audit is delivered in the coming weeks, but there are two pieces of good news associated with the audit.

    At Monday’s regular meeting of Chester City Council, Councilwoman Angela Douglas announced that there was something positive to share and asked Human Resources Director Carla Roof (who is also handling day-to-day operations of City Hall in the absence of an administrator) to deliver the news.

  • City lands experienced police chief

    Pending background checks and salary negotiations, the City of Chester will have a new police chief soon.

  • Former county finance director picked to lead city department

    Pending salary negotiations and background checks, Chester County’s former finance director will be taking the same position with the City of Chester.

  • Richburg passes ordinance to purchase post office property

    The Town Council of Richburg voted at their last meeting to approve the final reading of an ordinance that authorizes them to purchase the property where the Richburg Post Office sits on Broad Street.

    The second reading of the ordinance was approved unanimously and authorizes the town to purchase the property at 107 and 109 Broad Street for the price of $95,000 from owner Angela Denise Hough.