• Mr. Stuart goes to Washington

    Once again, a Stuart was seen in Washington, walking the corridors of power in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (called the EOB by insiders) and the White House itself. But this wasn’t Jimmy Stewart going to Washington, or filming a movie about a young, idealistic senator; this was a visit from young, idealistic Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart.

  • Should city accept volunteers with criminal records?

    A man who has volunteered as a coach for years is asking the City of Chester to reconsider a rule that currently bars him from doing so.

    Josh Wessinger spoke to Chester City Council during the public forum portion of Monday’s meeting. He said he has volunteered his time with the city’s youth football league since its inception and has coached in other leagues for years. Recently, though, he was told he could not do so because of a three-year-old misdemeanor charge on his record.

  • Suit on King eligibility coming to court Monday

    After several months of delays, a lawsuit challenging the eligibility of William King to hold office is finally set to be heard by a judge.

  • County prepares for Florence

    As the Category 4 hurricane named Florence threatens the South Carolina and North Carolina coasts and mandatory evacuations in those areas are being carried out this week, Chester County along with other agencies is also preparing to deal with the effects of the storm.

  • COG: Capital Improvement Plan needed for impact fees

    The Gateway Master Plan Steering Committee got a primer on impact fees from Catawba Regional Council of Government reps at their most recent meeting.

    Committee chair Sylvia Jennings invited Cole McKinney and Robby Moody to explain the process where the county will be able to impose impact fees on future development.

    McKinney said COG met with council about a month ago and made a presentation explaining how an impact fee is set in place, and that a capital improvement plan had to be created and was “an integral part of the entire process.”

  • The waiting (for trains) is the hardest part

    If you’ve never been stopped by a train in Chester, then you’ve probably never been to Chester.

  • Chester City Council votes on...something

    Chester City Council unanimously approved a contract on Monday. That’s about the extent of the information that was offered leading up to the quick vote.

  • County Election Commission, poll volunteers honor Graham

    A group of Chester County Election Commission members, Registration and Elections employees and poll volunteers gathered at the county Registration and Elections office last Friday to honor departing Registration and Elections Director Terrey Graham on his last day. He is leaving to work as manager of voter services in Richland County.

  • Fort Lawn approves MOU with CWR

    At their August meeting, the Fort Lawn Town Council took the first step towards negotiations with Chester Wastewater Recovery (CWR) to transfer the town’s sewer system over to them.

    Council approved 4-0 to adopt a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the town and Chester Wastewater Recovery. This adoption came after the recommendation of the AECOM engineering firm the town hired for a pre-engineering study of the status of the town’s sewer system and recommendations for the future.

  • School district share of FILOT funds will stay unchanged

    Chester County will not be reducing the amount of fee in lieu of tax (FILOT) money earmarked for the Chester County School District, but will be reducing its own share.