• County beefing up animal cruelty and tethering laws

    Following complaints from animal welfare advocates, Chester County is moving forward with changes to beef up its animal cruelty and tethering ordinances.

  • Fanning on Dominion deal: We had a gun to our heads

    Note: After he made a dramatic point in the Senate’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Review Committee by demonstrating how many lobbyists had attended the meeting on behalf of their energy companies, stating ‘This is what the ratepayers in South Carolina are up against,” State Senator Mike Fanning (Dist. 17) went on to closely question Dominion Energy CEO Thomas Farrell about the deal the company was offering to buy SCANA, the state-run energy concern.

    Fanning shared his impressions of the Dominion deal with The N&R in a phone interview.

  • City moves to fill vacant attorney postion

    More than six months after the resignation of former attorney Megan Gaston, the City of Chester appears to have found her replacement.

    At a Chester City Council meeting on Monday, it was mentioned that there were only two candidates for the job. There were more applicants than that, but some were not considered.

    “We weeded out the ones that did not have previous municipal government experience,” said Councilwoman Angela Douglas.

  • City sets administrator interviews

    The City of Chester has filled some big openings in recent  months and not appears closer to filling its biggest opening.

  • Town Council of Richburg passes resolution regarding Post Office

    At their January meeting, the Town Council of Richburg approved a resolution that made them the landlords of the U.S. Post Office property in the town.

    During the meeting, town council showed off their new flooring, replacing carpet in the Town Hall that was several years old.

  • "This is what the ratepayers in S.C. are up against"

    As a former educator, State Senator Mike Fanning (Dist. 17) is used to teaching lessons and has probably even resorted to object lessons that dramatically illustrate a point. He apparently still knows how, because he dramatically illustrated a point to a room full of nuclear lobbyists at the State House during the Senate’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Project Review Committee earlier this week. Sen. Fanning talked with The N&R by phone about the point he was making and why he made his point the way he did.

  • County crew picks up nearly 1,000 bags of trash in December

    Chester County Councilman Alex Oliphant offered some words for those who litter Chester County’s roads…some choice ones.

    “Sinful and shameful,” he said. “It’s just downright pitiful.”

  • Council discusses controversial zoning, audit matters

    Two hot-button issues were discussed by Chester City Council last Monday night, but all behind closed doors with very little action taken on any.

  • Orderly growth, infrastructure and a workforce

    The moderator at the Catawba Regional Council of Governments (CRCOG) panel discussion didn’t look like Santa Claus, but he did have a white moustache. And after all, the elected officials on the panel did tell him what their wishes were. Unlike Santa though, York Mayor Eddie Lee was only able to listen to the wishes, not grant them.

  • Fanning: Senate's first day back in session "like the first day of school"

    As a former educator, State Senator Mike Fanning (Dist. 17) used a familiar term to describe his experience during the first day of the 2018 Senate session.

    “It was like going back to school, on the first day,” Sen. Fanning said the night after the first session was over, “you have some things that maybe you didn’t get to last year, that you get to tackle this year.

    It’s a neat atmosphere, that you have another shot at those bills (and others) that you didn’t do last year.”