• Fort Lawn wants to convey problematic town sewer system

    Note: The Town of Fort Lawn will hold an informational meeting on the future of the sewer system, specifically the plan to convey the system to CWR, on Tuesday, May 7, at 6 p.m. at Fort Lawn Town Hall, prior to the regular town council meeting for May.


  • Municipal election profiles/Q&As

    1. Please list your name, family, education, awards won, religious affiliation and any other personal information you would like listed in your candidate profile.


    2. Why are you running for office?


    3. What do you think is the primary challenge facing the City of Chester and how would you, as an elected official, address it.


  • City begins paying past due landfill fees

    At least on one front, the City of Chester is beginning to address its massive debts to Chester County.

  • City kills Datamax contract

    Before it ever even started in earnest, the City of Chester’s contract with Datamax has been ended. More to the point, it is dead.

    “I move that we kill the Datamax contract before it starts,” Councilwoman Linda Tinker said Monday night.

  • "Test tube T-Bone"

    In his briefing to Richburg Town Council, District 43 State Rep. Randy Ligon spoke of fake meat, deer, turkeys, coyotes and Panthers (the two-legged variety).

    Ligon provided council members with a legislative briefing that touched on those subjects and more at their April meeting.

  • City seeking answers on $500K debt

    The City of Chester is seeking clarity and further information on the nearly $500,000 of debt it has racked up to Chester County for inmate detention.

  • EPA answers some Springsteen Mill questions

    Note: The N&R sent a series of questions to environmental officials concerning the Springsteen Mill site, what any potential dangers were and what were the recommended steps the City of Chester should take next to contain any potential threat to the public. Some of the questions were passed on to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control and some were answered through email by the EPAPublic Affairs Specialist for Region 4 (which includes South Carolina). The answers are in italics below the questions.


  • City re-thinking Datamax contract after hearing from business owners

    The City of Chester may or may not proceed with a plan to contract with Datamax for business license collections.

    In February, Chester City Council unanimously approved a contract with the company after hearing a pitch from DataMax representative Bobby Monroe. He said his company specializes in identifying businesses that should be paying city business license fees but are not. These aren’t usually local businesses, but the businesses with whom they do business.

  • City debt to county exceeds $500,000

    Last year, City of Chester Finance Director Jerry Baker announced in a finance committee meeting “we scratch to make every payroll.” The city apparently has difficulty meeting other financial obligations as well.

  • Filing now open for city, school board elections

    There will be so new faces in the upcoming municipal and school board elections and some familiar ones…very familiar, in fact.